Putting Custom Extrusion and Injection Moulding Insulation to Work

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Firwin manufactures custom extrusion and injection moulding removable insulation blankets appropriate for injection moulder barrel heaters, pre-heat covers, and service throw insulation covers. Designed specifically for electrical connections and thermocouples, all of our insulation blankets are made from non-combustible, high-temperature materials. When used properly, these types of insulation blankets help our customers realize significant cost-savings […]

Sound Attenuation Solutions

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Although diesel-powered equipment offers countless advantages, the noise associated with these machines is less than ideal. Sound levels can reach deafening levels, posing a threat to operators, employees in the vicinity, and other nearby machining processes. As a result of our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality removable insulation blankets, many clients turn to us […]

Tapes vs. Blankets: Which One is Right for You?

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It’s not always clear which type of insulation is best for your engine and exhaust components: with many different types of tapes, sleeves, and blankets available, finding what you’re looking for can be a headache. To be certain, each insulation variant has distinct advantages when used appropriately. With these benefits in mind, we’ve put together […]

Underground Mine Safety: The Role of Insulation

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With diesel accounting for 72 percent of the energy used by the mining sector, it’s no surprise that miners are seeking the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective diesel-powered equipment. As developing economies continue to drive demand and contribute to record-high prices for precious metals and other natural resources, miners increasingly require diesel-powered equipment to work […]

Oil and Gas Insulation Coverage

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To match the continual expansion of the oil and gas sector in Alberta and Western Canada, we’ve opened a new Western Canada Sales office to better serve our clients. Each division of the oil and gas industry, from upstream and midstream upgrading facilities to downstream refineries and product development, comes with unique challenges and requirements […]

Insulation Key in Meeting Diesel Emission Standards

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Over the years, we’ve seen engine manufacturers take a turn toward keeping diesel engine emissions down. With new engines being designed with emissions reduction in mind, complete with catalytic filters to treat harmful exhausts, we’ve done our part to help keep engines clean and green. An important part of emissions reduction rides on the maintenance […]

Permanent Hard Coat Insulation

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Although removable insulation blankets are the perfect solution for many industries and applications, we understand that there are times when a thinner, permanent insulation is more appropriate. Our specially designed Permanent Composite Hard Coat™ provides a unique insulation solution for limited space applications, with the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. Often used on elbows, […]

Firwin Expands U.S. Distribution Network

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As a custom manufacturer of a variety of insulation products, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with individual insulation solutions. To help us reach a broader client base, we’ve enlisted three new U.S. distributors: The Edward D. Newell Company, Onsite Power Inc., and Renosa. In business for 48 years, the Edward D. Newell Company is […]

Firwin Corp. Makes Custom Insulation Products

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Firwin Corp is a leading manufacturer of custom insulation products for diesel and gas engines & exhaust systems, and industrial applications. Our 2 main product lines are removable insulation blankets and permanent Hard Coat™ composite insulation. We also stock a wide selection of high temperature tapes and sleeves. We service a diverse range of industries, providing insulation […]