Removable Insulation Covers for Industrial Valves – What to Look For

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Valves are one of the most common parts to cover in the petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas industries. Like process line piping, valves often need to be insulated to minimize heat loss for energy efficiency or to keep the contents of the materials flowing through the valve at a desired temperature. In addition, insulation […]

Sound Attenuation Solutions

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Diesel-powered equipment offers some tremendous advantages, but it does come with one consistently difficult challenge: Noise. The ambient noise levels caused by diesel equipment can be deafening, which can pose a substantial safety risk to operators and personnel. Decreasing this risk requires a careful sound attenuation strategy. While insulation blankets may help to dampen sound, […]

Insulation Blankets Improve On-Highway Vehicle Emissions and Safety

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Manufacturers of on-highway diesel trucks are seeking new ways to reduce their products’ emissions in response to growing consumer interest in green technology. Additionally, new EPA standards increasingly tighten the amount of nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and diesel particulate matter allowed to escape diesel engines. As a result, new engines have featured redesigned configurations, […]

Insulation & Underground Mining: How to Increase Mining Equipment Safety with the Right Insulation

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Underground mining operations may differ around the world, but they pose similar risks to worker health and safety. Different techniques are used to extract metals, gems, coal, and other materials, but the hazards are similar for most of these applications. According to the United States Department of Labor, Mining Health, and Safety Administration (MHSA), 70% of […]

Heat Trace Insulation in Oil and Gas Applications

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Heat tracing—sometimes also called trace heating—is a system in which a heating element is run along the length of a pipe in order to prevent its contents from freezing. The heating element and pipe are often wrapped in thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and allow the heat tracing to operate more efficiently. Even in […]

Fasteners 101

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Firwin’s removable insulation blankets are generally fastened with stainless steel lacing wire, which we supply with most of our insulation orders. Occasionally, a customer requires an alternate fastening system. Sometimes, the customer’s application may require quick installation or frequent installation and removal of the insulation blankets. To suit the needs of these customers, we also […]

Finding the Right Insulation Material

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Insulation blankets (also known as insulation covers or insulation jackets) come in a variety of material options, some of which are better suited to certain tasks and environments than others. You need to ensure that your chosen material can meet the demands of your specific application as efficiently as possible. Our quick guide to the […]

Why Choose Firwin?

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With over 30 years of experience in the field, Firwin is proud to be a premier manufacturer of removable insulation blankets and permanent composite Hard Coat™ insulation solutions. Our business was built on our commitment to provide our customers with the best insulation solution for their particular situation, and it’s from this strong foundation that […]

Two Problems to Avoid When Sourcing Removable Insulation Blankets

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With nearly four decades in insulation blanket manufacturing, Firwin has quite a bit of experience with helping customers find the best insulation blanket solutions for their applications. Part of that experience includes helping clients fix pre-existing insulation problems, or helping to prevent potential mishaps in their insulation sourcing journey. In this blog, we explore two […]

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Clean Water and Removable Insulation Blankets – Sounds Good!

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When one thinks of clean drinking water, many things may come to mind – natural water sources, reservoirs, treatment facilities, to name a few. But you may be surprised to learn that removable insulation blankets have a role to play in bringing that fresh water to your table. Sometimes, that role has to do with […]