Heat Shields: Materials, Types, and Industrial Applications

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Industrial equipment is prone to producing high heat levels when in operation, which can impact the surrounding areas. This can lead to uncomfortable, or even dangerous, working environments for personnel, and it can negatively impact the performance of surrounding machinery. Heat shields are used to reduce the effect of high temperatures in areas around equipment […]

Research and Development

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Firwin Corporation is a premier manufacturer of custom insulation products for gas/diesel engines and exhaust systems as well as industrial applications. We invest heavily in R&D to ensure that Firwin is at the forefront of the latest developments in the insulation industry. Our goal remains to offer our customers the best possible insulation solutions for […]

Industrial Furnace Insulation Blankets

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Insulation is an extremely important consideration for the safe and efficient use of industrial furnaces. Without it, the extreme heat dissipates into the surrounding area, significantly increasing the risk of burns and other injuries. An insulation blanket is a simple, effective, and affordable solution to this problem, and its wide range of benefits are matched […]

Removable Insulation Blankets ‘Take Charge’

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In many of today’s diesel and gas engines, you’ll find two ‘chargers’ that are designed to increase engine efficiency. One runs hot, the other cold, and both use removable insulation blankets. The two ‘chargers’ that we are referring to are turbochargers and charge air coolers. Turbochargers The purpose of a turbocharger (commonly referred to as […]

Diesel Powered Equipment: Underground Mine Safety – The Role of Insulation.

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Firwin Industry Series – Underground Mining From scoops and scalers to pallet handlers and personnel carriers, underground mining relies on diesel-powered equipment to get the job done. Diesel power provides the mine with a rugged, reliable, and cost effective energy source; overall, diesel accounts for 72 percent of the energy used by the mining sector.* […]

velcro fastener

Velcro Fasteners – What You Need to Know

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Among the fastening systems we offer for our removable insulation blankets is Velcro. An excellent and easy to use fastener, Velcro is often used in applications which require a simple and quick fastening method. Velcro fastening does, however, come with some limitations, which users need to be aware of in order for it to function […]

Why Work With a One-Stop-Shop Insulation Blanket Supplier?

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Insulation blankets serve a number of important functions in various industries and industrial applications. For example, they can be used to protect workers from hot system parts, increase energy efficiency in equipment, shield heat-sensitive components, and/or lower ambient temperatures. Once you’ve determined you need insulation blankets for your facility, you need to decide from whom […]

Fire Pumps

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Fire pumps are perhaps the most critical component of any building’s fire protection system. It’s essential that your facility has safe, reliable equipment that meets all applicable safety standards. UL’s safety standards are some of the most important for ensuring your fire protection equipment is enough to keep the building safe. UL Listed Underwriters Laboratories […]

Happy Manufacturing Day From the Firwin Team

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Manufacturing plays a huge role in the economy and is the pillar of many small communities. To honor this impact, we recognize Manufacturing Day, which is celebrated every year on the first Friday in October. This year, it falls on October 2. It’s an opportunity for manufacturers across the country to honor and highlight their […]

Blanket Installation Tips

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Blanket Installation Tips Insulation blankets help protect personnel by containing potentially dangerous temperatures inside the affected component so that the ambient environment remains stable and safe.  Insulation blankets can also control temperatures during mechanical operations to keep temperature fluctuations from damaging the surrounding equipment. Although most insulation blankets are designed to prevent heat from transferring […]