Firwin Corporation is a leading manufacturer of custom insulation products for engine and exhaust systems and various industrial applications. We offer a broad selection of removable insulation blankets and permanent insulation coatings as well as a full inventory of thermal and acoustic shields, tapes, wraps, and sleeves. To ensure a speedy turnaround, we maintain an inventory of our most popular safety and insulation products.

Stocked Safety and Insulation Products

Our stocked safety and insulation products include:

Insulation Material

Firwin Corporation manufactures high-quality, customizable insulation covers. We specialize in the development of innovative specialty materials designed to provide optimal protection for a variety of industries and applications, including manufacturing, diesel and gas equipment, and exhaust systems. Our state-of-the-art insulation materials include: 

  • Board Insulation 15080 RHF™40 (MW1200)
  • Rockwool Board Insulation 8LB
  • Firwin Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Fabric
  • Firwin 1200 Insulation Mat
  • Firwin SW1800 Insulation
  • Firwin Plus (FW2000+)



Firwin maintains a comprehensive selection of insulating tapes in a wide range of thicknesses, materials, and coating options. Each tape offers unique benefits for temperature insulation and resistance to chemicals, oils, and moisture. For applications where insulating sleeves and blankets need to be secured, Firwin’s insulated tapes offer an effective solution that will prevent leaks and enhance protection. Our selection of insulation tapes includes:  

  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass Tape
  • Firwin Fiberglass Tapes
  • Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Tapes



Firwin’s quality insulation sleeves offer an affordable, easy-to-use option for protecting piping, tubing, and wire and cable harnesses. Our fiberglass sleeving is available in both standard and silicone-coated designs. Fiberglass offers unique benefits as an insulative sleeve. It is resistant to abrasion and heat and will not burn or melt if exposed to flame, making it ideal for wiring in industrial equipment, engines, and exhaust systems. Firwin offers the following sleeving options:

  • Fiberglass Sleeving
  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeves


Sound Attenuation

Sound and vibration can cause serious problems in the workplace that can compromise the health, safety, and productivity of employees. Firwin’s acoustic engineers have developed a wide variety of sound attenuation solutions for use in various industrial applications. Sound attenuation can include everything from acoustic curtain panels to barriers, enclosures, lagging, mats, and adhesive coatings. Each product incorporates a variety of acoustic insulating materials to produce highly effective noise attenuation in even the loudest conditions. Our sound attenuation products include:

  • Versatile – Acoustic Curtain Systems
  • AcoustiGuard™ Quilted Barrier/Absorber Curtain Panels
  • High Efficiency – Economical Noise Enclosures
  • High Efficiency – Economical Noise Control Barrier
  • AcoustiGuard™ LAG ‘FR’ and LAG ‘FRC’ Acoustical Pipe / Duct Lagging
  • AcoustiGuard™ Quilted Absorption Panels
  • Conasorb UF
  • Conasorb V
  • Conasorb FTMM
  • Barymat 5
  • Barymat BM-1C
  • Barymat BV-14C
  • Barymat BTMM-14C
  • Barymat M-100D
  • Barymat M-600D
  • Barymat BGM 7-4B
  • Wildamp
  • 1099 Plastic Adhesive
  • Super 74 Fastfoam Adhesive

Spray Shields

Firwin’s chemical spray shields are custom designed to ensure optimal protection from spray, leakage, and other exposure to corrosive or pressurized fluids. Our LFP™ chemical spray shields are composed of a chemically inert, non-porous PTFE blend. They exhibit exceptional tear strength and are reusable. Regardless of the extent or severity of chemical exposure, LFP™ Chemical Spray Shields shield against harmful liquid spray and leaks.