An uninsulated industrial tank is expensive. Excessive energy use, poor performance, and shortened service life can all be solved with proper tank insulation. In addition to mitigating costs, tank insulation systems limit the amount of heat gained or lost in stored liquids, keeping them at constant temperatures without using too much energy. Firwin provides multiple insulation solutions for tanks in various indoor and outdoor environments. 

Benefits of Tank Insulation

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Commercial Tank Insulation

Industrial tank insulation provides three key benefits:

  • Improved performance: Outdoor storage tanks are subject to weather conditions that impact their performance. This is especially true for metal tanks that absorb and transfer outdoor hot or cold temperatures to the stored liquids. Thermal transfer can be especially worrisome for temperature-sensitive materials and liquids. Insulated tanks improve thermal efficiency.
  • Less energy consumption: When tanks can’t maintain the desired temperature, the system needs to use more energy to regulate thermal conditions. Time spent heating or cooling a tank’s contents can delay manufacturing or industrial processes. With the addition of tank insulation, the system doesn’t have to consume so much energy or time to keep contents at the proper temperature.
  • Extends tank usage life: Outdoor tanks are vulnerable to weather conditions that can damage them or shorten their lifespan. This includes intense storms, frost/thaw cycles, hail, rust, and UV exposure. While tank insulation is primarily used for thermal regulation, protection from the elements is an added bonus. 

Applications of Tank Insulation

Firwin’s tank insulation products are used across many industries, including:

  • HVAC: Our tank insulation products can keep HVAC refrigerant tanks within the proper temperature ranges. Doing so is necessary to equipment, facility, and worker safety.
  • Mining: Mining companies depend on water tanks and storage tanks for firefighting purposes. These tanks’ contents cannot be allowed to freeze, so thermal tank insulation helps retain sufficient heat.
  • Oil & Gas: The oil and gas industry faces many challenges in regard to temperature control. Our thermal insulation products can cover liquid storage and return tanks to keep contents in safe temperature ranges.
  • Transportation: Our insulation products work on a variety of tanks for highway vehicles, including RVs, trailers, semi-trailers, special-purpose vehicles, concrete mixers, and trucks. We can recommend the right materials and thickness for the insulation given its operating conditions and the temperature requirements of your application.
  • Agriculture: The agriculture sector uses outdoor tanks for harvested goods, fuel, and fertilizer storage. Our tank insulation solutions help keep proper temperature levels for these goods.

Quality Tank Insulation From Firwin

Industrial tank insulation is crucial to reducing your energy consumption and spending. Your tank will last longer and perform better while enhancing your overall operational efficiency.

Firwin has been in the insulation business for over 40 years. While we began as a small business, we have grown to become one of the leading providers of industrial pipe insulation and insulation blankets in North America. With our dedication to our clients and continual reinvestment into R&D, we pride ourselves on our continual innovation and customer service. We provide a variety of tank insulation products that can be tailored to fit your particular needs.

If you have any questions about our capabilities, feel free to contact us today. 

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