How Removable Insulation Blankets Serve as an Essential Component of On-site Power Systems

At Firwin Corporation, we understand the need for safe and reliable power systems. That is why we provide insulation solutions designed with power generation industry in mind. Our insulation blankets serve as a containment solution for the high heat generated by power generation systems, allowing room temperatures to remain at comfortable levels so that employees can properly tend to the equipment, reduce the risk of fire and heat-related injuries, and protect system components and controls from excessive heat that may cause damage.

Our selection of insulation products includes removable insulation blankets for engines, turbines, SCRs, purifiers, catalytic converters, and piping.

Manage the Heat of Your On-Site Power System With Removable Insulation Blankets From Firwin

If you employ a power generation system in your facility, implementing proper heat management and containment is crucial for the safety of your employees and the performance of your equipment. To help you in this endeavor, Firwin offers custom-designed removable insulation blankets to precisely match your needs. From material choice to fastening systems, we design your insulation blankets from scratch to give you the right solution for your application.

Removable Insulation Blankets

Firwin’s Removable Insulation Blankets Serve as a Heat Containment Solution

Benefits of our blankets include:

  • Keeps the room at comfortable temperature levels so employees can continue to operate and maintain the equipment
  • Protects employees from burns and other heat-related injuries
  • Reduces the heat loss of exhaust gases as they travel through the system to maintain sufficiently high temperatures for efficient SCR and catalyst operation
  • Shield heat-sensitive components from heat damage
  • Ensures sprinkler systems are not erroneously set off
  • Easier removal and replacement, making it simple for inspectors and operators to access the system for regular inspection and maintenance
  • Broader customization, as our insulation blankets can be retrofitted onto your existing applications
  • The removal or replacement of blanket sections as needed
  • Blankets to fit around supports, protrusions, and other complex designs

Power System Insulation Solutions from Firwin

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