Insulation covers are a layer of insulative material that wraps around engine & exhaust parts, heat processing equipment and other hot fixtures. They make the system safer for people and equipment nearby while also creating better heat efficiency by keeping the heat in place. 

Benefits of Insulation Covers

There are numerous advantages to be gained by installing removable insulation covers around exhaust components, and process and factory equipment. Here are some of the key benefits:

Cost Benefits

Uninsulated heat systems and heat processing equipment are inefficient because the heat can dissipate into the surrounding area and must constantly be replenished. Insulation covers keep the heat in place, so the systems require less energy to run. This results in significant cost savings Insulative covers also keep the equipment in consistently performing conditions, further saving money by maintaining quality control and resisting the risk of system malfunctions.


Removable insulation covers can be snapped, tied, or hooked into place. This makes them much easier to adjust, temporarily remove during inspections, and install than insulation tape, sleeves, or more permanent insulation solutions.


Because of the thermal control they provide, insulation covers help maintain the safe operation of heat and processing equipment. They also shield the surrounding environment from the equipment’s temperature. This keeps nearby workers safe from heat-related injuries and illness (especially in confined areas) and eliminates the risk that someone will brush up against unprotected pipes.

Sound Control

Insulation covers don’t just block temperature. They can also block sound. Industrial process equipment can generate ambient noise at levels that may distract workers, cause anxiety, contribute to long-term hearing loss, or prevent people from communicating or hearing safety alerts. With removable insulation equipment, facility managers can reduce the total amount of noise in a space.

Temperature Control

Insulation is essential for heat management in industrial facilities and can also assist with retaining heat generated by equipment to keep it from freezing up in cold or outdoor environments.

Insulation Cover Applications

An insulation cover provides heat control in systems where permanent insulation solutions are infeasible. For example, permanent insulation can’t be used around equipment and fixtures that need to be accessed, inspected, or modified regularly. Some of the most common commercial and industrial applications for insulation covers are:

  • Catalyst.: Insulation covers can surround catalyst systems and tangential parts to ensure optimal performance and reduce the loss of energy.
  • Engine insulation. Engines generate significant heat energy, but insulation can prevent that energy from dissipating into the surrounding environment and harming ancillary components. This allows well-designed systems to channel heat energy into a space where it can be used or safely dissipated instead of overheating the engine. Insulation can also shield nearby components from overheating and protect people near the heat output.
  • Exhaust piping. Exhaust systems generate both heat and noise. Insulation covers can reduce excess noise and control high temperatures. Exposed metal pipes can be extremely dangerous, so covering them reduces the risk of injury.
  • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR). SCR systems can be protected by custom-sized and shaped insulation covers. These covers can surround both the SCR systems and the adjacent parts.
  • Silencers. Industrial silencers also generate heat, which can be dangerous to nearby workers. An insulation blanket stops that heat from raising the temperature of the space. 
  • Turbines. Because turbines have moving parts, they need to be easy to access, repair, and inspect. Removable insulation covers offer heat protection without blocking access.
  • Vehicles. Insulation covers may be used on a variety of specific vehicle component systems to increase efficiency and performance, keep other parts safe from heat, and reduce emissions.

Firwin Corporation Insulation Cover Solutions

At Firwin Corporation, we produce custom insulation covers for industrial process systems, exhaust systems, engines, and more. Our primary products include removable and reusable insulation blankets and our permanent composite insulation solutions called Hard Coat. We also offer a variety of standard insulation tapes and sleeves.

We’re proud to serve a wide variety of industries with insulation covers for engines, vehicle components, generating stations, flanges, piping, valves, and more. Contact the experts at Firwin to see our insulation solutions can help with heat management in your operation or project

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