Our Insulation Products

At Firwin, our insulation product line consists of an extensive selection of custom insulation blankets as well as our permanent composite Hard Coat™ and Metal Foil Insulation (MFI) products. We also maintain a comprehensive inventory of standard insulation products, offering high-temperature tapes and sleeves off the shelf.

From Our Catalog

Removable Insulation Blankets

Depending upon its material construction, insulation blankets effectively retain heat for pipes, emissions processing, engines, exhausts, and more in applications where equipment temperatures reach 2000º F.

Permanent Insulation Products

When your component doesn’t require periodic servicing and so removable insulation isn’t necessary, our durable permanent insulation products are well-suited to rugged environmental conditions.

Tapes and Sleeves

Available for purchase online, our convenient, off-the-shelf tapes and sleeves offer simple, quick insulation solutions for a variety of applications.

The Importance & Benefits of Insulation

Firwin’s different types of insulation products are advantageous for a multitude of markets, offering the following benefits for a range of applications:

Highly Efficient Temperature Management

Highly efficient temperature management

Our product line provides insulation, which allows you to both efficiently and effectively control pipe, machinery, and operational temperatures to maintain the desired conditions. Such insulation also reduces the risk that your equipment will overheat.

Safer Working Environment For Your Staff

Safer working environment for your staff

When employees are working near high-temperature equipment, there's the chance that they'll sustain burns or related injuries from hot surfaces. Thermal insulation products, however, lower equipment surface temperatures.

Operational Safety And Regulatory Compliance

Operational safety and regulatory compliance

Every industry has its own regulations and standards governing things like workplace safety, energy efficiency, and environmental concerns. Using thermal insulation products on your equipment will help you adhere to such regulations and promote safe operations, as well.

Quality And Reliability

Quality and reliability

By holding consistent thermal conditions in your equipment, insulation products allow it to perform optimally, enabling process stability that, in turn, enhances the quality of your products.

Reduced Energy Consumption And Costs

Reduced energy consumption and costs

The way in which insulation products maintain operating temperatures is to minimize the amount of heat gain or loss in your equipment. In doing so, your equipment will use less energy and incur lower energy bills.

Decreased Emissions And Carbon Footprint

Decreased emissions and carbon footprint

Consuming less power may also help you meet your environmental goals. Decreasing your energy use can lower emissions of greenhouse gases so that you reduce your carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Reduced noise pollution

Thermal blankets and other types of insulation products have noise-reduction capabilities, allowing for a quieter workplace.

Industries We Serve

Firwin’s insulation products are applicable in a wide range of industries. We work with clients in the following markets to efficiently and safely manage temperatures in their equipment.

Firwin, a Leading Manufacturer of Insulation Solutions

Leading Manufacturer of Insulation Solutions

Established in 1982, Firwin is a family-owned and -operated business that has evolved into a leading North American manufacturer of standard and custom insulation solutions. We design and produce innovative products like our removable insulation blankets, Hard Coat™, MFI, tapes and sleeves, T-Wrap™, heat shields, and more for applications such as:

  • Piping
  • Flanges
  • Process and steam line valves
  • Gas- and diesel-powered engines
  • Gas- and diesel-powered generating stations
  • Exhaust systems
  • On- and off-road vehicles
  • Gensets

At Firwin, we prioritize customer service. Our experienced team is committed to building lasting client relationships, and we’ll work closely with you to provide the support you need. Whether your business is large or small, Firwin’s in-house design team will develop an optimal insulation solution that meets the demands of your specific equipment and application to promote peace of mind and reduce risk in your operation. Also, we understand that your time is important, which is why we do our best to reply to all questions within 24 hours. Our team works hard to accommodate rush orders whenever possible, as well.

We’re also committed to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 and UL 2200 certified. Our standard blankets utilizing FW1200 or FW2000+ insulation adhere to the UL certification standards while also complying with standards in the military and marine sectors. Firwin continues to invest in research and development to bring new and improved products to market and address our customers’ challenges.

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