Insulation blankets from Firwin are removable, reusable, and allow access for maintenance technicians and operators without sacrificing performance. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we provide responsive service and high-quality standard and custom insulation solutions for a wide range of specialized applications.

Insulation Applications

Our insulation solutions are suitable for many applications, including:

Engine Insulation

Our engine insulation solutions fit engine components such as manifolds, turbochargers, outlet elbows, Wye connectors, and more.. Our engine library contains blanket kits for many of the more popular engine models from leading brands such as  Cummins, Caterpillar,  John Deere, and others.

Silencer Insulation

At Firwin, we offer silencer insulation solutions for several popular silencer OEMs, including Cowl, Universal, Nelson, Harco, and Stealth Malvern. Typical insulation solutions for silencers consist of a one or two-piece body construction, along with circular end caps. Silencer insulation blankets are typically laced up along a seam using stainless steel wire, with extra rivets on the sides to accommodate the end caps.

Exhaust Piping

Firwin exhaust piping insulation blankets can withstand the contraction, expansion, and vibration typical of exhaust piping, expansion joints, bellows, and flex connectors. Our removable insulation blankets are designed to fit around  brackets, hangers, and clamps.


Firwin SCR insulation blankets help maintain exhaust temperatures. This ensures that the SCR is operating with optimal performance while also complying with emission standards. Our SCR insulation solutions are custom designed to match the sometimes complex geometries found on leading SCR manufacturers such as Miratech, DCL, Steuler, and others. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use., Firwin Insulation blankets for SCRs prevent personnel from burns and provide UV resistance with operating temperatures as low as -67 °F without cracking.


Insulation blankets from Firwin can improve the performance of catalytic converters and purifiers by maintaining optimal operating temperatures. They also protect operators and technicians from burns while keeping the catalyst temperatures as high as possible relative to the exhaust flow temperatures.


Insulation blankets from Firwin are suitable for gas and steam turbines of every shape and size. They are removable and can be as thick as 4 inches, depending on the safety requirements.


Firwin insulation blankets are the ideal solution for unique custom applications. Custom solutions for special situations are part of our on-going research and development program.


Firwin removable insulation blankets are used on those parts of the hot and cold piping on process and steam lines where maintenance and inspection accessibility is necessary. , Leaving these parts uncovered can result in significant energy loss.  Removable / reusable insulation covers all for period inspection, while still giving the benefit of energy saving that result from having these parts covered.

Our insulating blankets are suitable for valves, controls, strainers, flanges, flexible connections, and expansion joints.

Vehicle Insulation

Insulation blankets from Firwin provide a perfect fit for manifolds, turbochargers, piping from manifold to turbo, wiring solenoids, and outlet elbows. Used in , agriculture equipment, forestry machinery, construction, mining, and fire trucks, our removable insulation blankets help protect personnel, shield hot components from debris, and lower the ambient temperature in and around the vehicle.

Insulation Blankets From Firwin

Firwin designs and manufactures high-quality insulation solutions for various applications. Our insulation blankets are removable and reusable for ease-of-access that permanent insulation cannot match. Contact us today to speak with our insulation specialists about the right solution for your application.