Industrial Removable Insulation Blanket Solutions From Firwin

As a leader in custom insulation product manufacturing, Firwin offers a quality product line of reusable and removable thermal insulation blankets. Our pipe insulation products provide a practical and flexible solution for various industrial applications, offering the following advantages:

Fast, simple installation

Not only are insulation blankets simple to apply, but this removable solution also makes it easy to quickly perform routine inspections and maintenance on existing systems and then replace the blanket.
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An industrial insulation blanket for water pipes and related piping systems offers a versatile solution for varied applications and environments.


This flexibility, added to the fact that these blankets are designed to be reused, makes removable insulation blankets highly cost-effective.

Material options

Pipe blankets are available in an array of material options, each with its own resistance capabilities. We can select the material that best fits your needs for moisture protection and maximum operating temperatures.

Custom designs

Firwin can customize our thermal insulation blankets, tailoring them to your specific application, size, shape, and thickness requirements. Our team can make suggestions to ensure that your blanket gives you the best fit for your components, helping you navigate the relationship between pipe diameter and insulation blanket size.

Types of Removable Pipe Insulation Products

For industries ranging from power generation and construction to military and marine, Firwin offers a wide selection of quality removable pipe insulation products to deliver optimized solutions.

Removable Insulation Blankets

Removable Insulation Blankets

Our removable insulation blankets are an effective and versatile solution for covering industrial machinery, piping systems, engine parts, and other such components. They provide a highly customizable way to manage heat while protecting your workers and assets. Firwin offers pipe insulation blankets in multiple material and fastening options to accommodate varied temperature ranges, moisture conditions, locations, space constraints, safety regulations, durability and sound absorption needs, and exposure to flame, chemicals, UV light, etc.



ThermoWrap is an ideal product for lower-temperature applications and can meet the insulating demands of process piping, valves, flanges, actuators, and panels of any shape or size. Also referred to as insulation jackets or covers, ThermoWrap blankets usually feature inside and outside fabric of fiberglass reinforced with silicone/PTFE and include drawstrings and hook and loop fastenings for easy attachment.



T-Wrap combines the benefits of a removable insulation blanket with the flexibility of tape, making it ideal for insulating small pipes, valves, and tubing as well as glycol, instrumentation, and electrically traced lines. The product is made up of a 1/4- or 1/2-inch fiberglass insulation layer, a silicone-coated fiberglass outer cover, and hook and loop strips on both sides for quick installation straight over a pipe or wrapped spirally around it. Available in lengths of 20 feet that range in width from 4 to 17 inches, T-Wrap™ is available with a standard service temperature range of -67° F to 200° F.



This removable insulation blanket is an optimal choice for safely covering hot engines and exhaust systems of diesel mining equipment. Its outer construction depends on the blanket option you select, but with a durable inner liner of stainless steel foil and mesh, MineWrap is designed to improve fire safety and keep hot oil and hydraulic fluid from equipment surfaces and its insulation material. It also helps protect sensitive components from high-heat ambient conditions.

Sleeves and Tapes

Sleeves and Tapes

Firwin stocks a wide selection of off-the-shelf high-temperature sleeves and tapes. Our strong yet flexible offerings are resistant to substances like acids, alkalis, hydraulic fluids, oils, fuels, and solvents. Available in various sizes and coatings, they help bundle components, protect employees from burns, and insulate against energy loss. Sometimes used as a quick, stop-gap measure when blankets are not immediately available, these standard products of braided or knitted fiberglass yarn are a good option for protecting wires, cables, hoses, and tubes/piping from flame and high temperatures.

Importance of Industrial Pipe Insulation — Main Benefits

Industrial pipe insulation is helpful for:

Managing condensation

Installing industrial pipe insulation helps lessen the chance that moisture and condensation will build up, reducing the risk of pipe corrosion while simultaneously promoting drier, safer conditions.

Creating a safer working environment for employees

Workers who come into direct contact with hot pipes are at risk of injuring themselves. Using pipe blankets effectively decreases the pipes’ surface temperature to minimize workers’ risk of getting burned.

Reducing energy consumption and costs

A heat blanket for pipes can significantly improve the energy efficiency in piping systems by preventing heat gain or loss. Also, by enhancing your equipment’s ability to maintain proper process temperatures, you can optimize energy consumption and save money on energy bills.

Preventing pipes from freezing

Removable insulation blankets keep pipe contents from freezing, reducing the risk of blockages or ruptures that frozen fluids can otherwise cause. This is particularly helpful in cold climates and working environments, protecting pipes and reducing the risk of costly damage.

Decreasing noise levels

Industrial pipe insulation allows you to achieve a quieter workplace by dampening the sound that travels through pipe systems. Additional sound-dampening insulation can be added where noise reduction is a key requirement.

Firwin: Your Trusted Industrial Pipe Insulation Blanket Manufacturer

Since 1982, Firwin has specialized in reusable and removable insulation solutions with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and continual improvement. Backed by over 40 years of multi-industry experience, our knowledgeable team can assist you in determining the right industrial insulation product to meet the unique requirements of diverse applications. We are a UL2200- and ISO 9001:2015-certified operation, committed to quality and superior product performance.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015: Firwin Corp is proud to be an
ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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Our insulation blankets are suitable for heating process equipment, exhaust systems, engines, and more, accommodating thermal environments ranging from 2000° F conditions to sub-zero temperatures. As part of our goal to be your one-stop-shop insulation solution supplier, we also carry fire blankets, permanent hard-coat insulation, heat shields, sound attenuation products, and off-the-shelf sleeves and tapes for high-temperature environments. We’re committed to superior customer service, and our in-house design and development team will help you find a solution for even the most challenging applications or intricate systems.

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As a trusted supplier of customized and standard insulation solutions for various industrial applications, the Firwin team is here to help you safeguard equipment and employees in high-heat environments. Contact us to talk to a Firwin insulation specialist about our cost-saving removable pipe insulation blankets to improve operational safety and efficiency, or request a quote today to get started.