Wye Exhaust with Insulation BlanketsIndustrial exhaust systems generate significant amounts of heat, which, if left unchecked, can cause injury to employees and damage to nearby equipment. The heat can increase the temperature of components (leading to the potential for burns in the event of incidental contact) and the temperature of the surrounding environment (leading to unsafe working conditions).

One method of improving safety in the workplace is installing insulation around the exhaust system. These materials serve as physical barriers that prevent workers from getting burned when working near hot equipment, as well as minimize the amount of heat and noise transferred into the room.

At Firwin, we supply a wide range of insulation solutions for industrial applications, including exhaust insulation blankets. Below we outline the benefits of using them and the industries that regularly employ them.

The Importance of Exhaust Insulation Blankets

There are many benefits to integrating insulation blankets into an exhaust system, including:

Greater Workplace Safety

The exhaust produced by industrial equipment and systems can reach temperatures up to and exceeding 2000° F (1100° C). At these temperatures, the room containing the machine can become dangerously hot, increasing the risk of fires and thermal damage to heat-sensitive components and equipment (e.g., sprinkler systems) and decreasing the ability of personnel to maintain the equipment properly and safely.

Insulation blankets reduce the amount of heat transferred from the system to the surrounding environment. By doing so, they lower the ambient temperatures of a room to within a safe range, allowing personnel to enter the room without risk of heat stroke, touch equipment without fear of burns, and run systems with a smaller chance of overheating or otherwise damaging heat-sensitive components.

Better Noise Reduction

Waste Gas Recovery Plant–Engine & ExhaustIn addition to heat, engines and other exhaust systems also produce a fair amount of noise. In work environments with little to no sound-absorption materials, these high noise levels can distract and cause discomfort and—over extended periods of exposure—auditory damage to employees.  

Fortunately, insulation blankets provide some degree of sound attenuation in addition to thermal insulation. Firwin blankets consist of composite materials that provide sound absorption across the full frequency band. Sound dampening materials can also be added to standard insulation blankets to provide an extra degree of sound absorption.

Lower Emission Rates

In the industrial sector, companies are subject to strict emission limits. Many of the emission control technologies employed (e.g., selective catalytic reducers, purifiers, and catalytic converters) rely on high exhaust heat (often exceeding 800° F) to function as intended. As such, any heat loss affects the overall efficiency of the system.

Insulation materials—such as insulation blankets—help keep heat from escaping from process gases as the materials travel through the system. This quality allows the system to achieve and maintain effective operating temperatures faster and easier for optimal emissions processing.

Industries That Use Exhaust Insulation Blankets

Exhaust equipment and systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications. As such, exhaust insulation blankets are found in many different industries, including the following:

Custom Exhaust Insulation Blankets From Firwin

Fire Boat - CAT Engine Exhaust CoversAs indicated above, exhaust insulation blankets find application in a variety of industries. The unique requirements and restrictions of these industries and their applications necessitate a broad selection of products to ensure there is an appropriate solution for every exhaust system.

At Firwin, our team fully understands the need for insulation blankets tailored to the unique needs of the customer. We offer a variety of customization options—including custom-built cutouts that accommodate non-standard support brackets and protrusions—to ensure each blanket we deliver fully meets the specifications of the intended system. For some examples of our past exhaust insulation blanket projects, visit our engine insulation portfolio page.

To learn more about our custom insulation capabilities or partner with us for your insulation needs, contact our experts or request a quote today.