Firwin’s extensive experience and knowledge in removable and permanent insulation solutions is showcased in our video library, below. We strive to provide you with the valuable information you need on how to install many of our unique insulation blankets and jackets, our various custom products, applications, company information, and more.

How to Install Firwin's Insulation Blankets

Firwin Insulation Blanket Installation Video 2017

Take an inside look at the installation of an engine manifold insulation blanket, along with blankets for other exhaust components, with key steps and techniques discussed.

Three Insulation Blanket Installations, 1 Day

Watch as we install insulation blankets in three backup generators in three different buildings. Get an inside look at the steps we take and how long the installation of each part takes.

Insulation Blankets - Thickness and Clearance

Let’s talk insulation blanket clearance. How much is actually necessary for your application? Watch to learn about clearance and what we look for when designing your custom insulation solution.

Firwin Insulation Blanket Installation Video

In this video, we touch on our required equipment for installation, installation guide, insulation blankets, and installing the various types of insulation blankets.

How To Install Firwin's Removable Insulation Blankets

Certain blankets need additional manipulation while being installed. Step-by-step, we walk you through the simple process of how to install our blankets for Segmented Elbows, Flanges, MineWrap™ Mark III Butterfly Elbows, and Purifiers with Cones.

Along with our insulation installation library, Firwin has a wide variety of other videos that showcase our various products, industry applications, and information about us. Take a look below!


Firwin Product Overview filmed at PowerGen 2012

Firwin manufactures insulation products for diesel engines and exhaust systems. Our products are custom made for a precise fit to meet our customers specfic requirements.

Removable Insulation Blankets and Heat Tracing

Removable insulation blankets serve many purposes including lowering ambient heat, protecting workers from hot surfaces, and shielding pipe contents from cold external temperatures, which are valuable assets for companies utilizing heat tracing.

Problems to Avoid When Sourcing Removable Insulation Blankets

Specifying blanket size and material makeup may be difficult without proper experience and prior working knowledge. Watch what to avoid when sourcing removable insulation blankets.

Industry Applications & Firwin at Work

Open Pit and Underground Mining Safety

Both Open Pit and Underground Mining operations come with a degree of risk. Learn how Firwin’s products help make the mining process safer, cleaner, and more productive.

The Role of Removable Insulation Blankets in Providing Clean Water

Clean water is important to everyone. Watch to learn how removable insulation blankets play a role in providing clean water.

About Us

Firwin Corp - Manufacturer of Removable Insulation Blankets

Corporate overview of Firwin Corp, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of removable insulation blankets and permanent insulation solutions.

Firwin Corp Company Overview

Overview of Firwin Corporation, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of removable insulation blankets and permanent Hard Coat composite insulation.

Firwin OEM Capabilities

Firwin works with OEM’s in a wide variety of industries. 30+ years of insulation design and manufacturing to offer you solutions for your application.

On Highway Engineer

Find the solutions you need at Firwin. We’ve got you covered! We can offer you custom solutions for your custom needs.

About Firwin

Firwin Corporation is a leading manufacturer of custom insulation products for diesel and gas engines & exhaust systems, and industrial applications.


Firwin Corp - Mining Expo 2008 Highlights

MineWrap removable insulation blankets – interview with Paul Herman, president of Firwin Corp, a leading manufacturer of removable and permanent insulation solutions, for diesel and gas engines, exhaust systems, and more.