Highway Vehicle Insulation

A particularly broad segment of the automotive industry is made up of on-highway vehicles, which consist of a variety of different types, such as RVs, special purpose vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, buses, concrete mixers, and both heavy and medium-duty trucks.

The Different Industry Challenges for On-Highway Vehicles

There are a number of challenges facing on-highway vehicle manufacturers today Some of the  main issues in question are:

  • Meeting emissions targets
  • Protecting against high exhaust temperatures

At Firwin, we manufacture removable insulation blankets that can help address these challenges.

Meeting Emissions Targets

Manufacturers of on-highway vehicles continue to search for ways to reduce emissions as a result of continuing stringent governmental pollution control regulation. One of the main ways to do this is via catalytic filters. These filters function optimally at high exhaust temperature—sometimes upwards of 800° F (425° C). These high temperatures force the particles to circulate rapidly within the engine and exhaust components, which then causes them to be efficiently sifted out by catalytic filters.

Protecting Against High Exhaust Temperatures

While necessary to reduce emissions, this increase in exhaust temperatures can create some challenges for on-highway vehicles and their drivers. Cabin interiors can become too hot simply due to their proximity to the exhaust piping, which has a detrimental effect on personnel comfort. Additionally, heat-sensitive components and cables can malfunction when perpetually exposed to such high temperatures. Finding ways to increase exhaust temperatures while decreasing ambient heat is vital for long-term success in emissions reduction.

Meeting the challenges: How Insulation Can Help

Lack of proper insulation can result in the exhaust losing heat as it travels from the engine to the catalytic filter; this cooling can lead to suboptimal performance and a reduction of burn-off. Removable insulation blankets offer an excellent, cost-effective way to maintain engine exhaust temperatures, while at the same time reducing ambient heat and protecting personnel from hot exhaust components.


Why Firwin?

Firwin is an ISO 9001-certified business specializing in the manufacture of removable insulation blankets. Over the years, our expertise in the field has led to us being entrusted with many high profile projects. Our removable exhaust insulation blankets are fully customizable, to precisely match the needs of your specific on-highway project. Our blankets are used to cover engine manifolds, turbos, elbows, silencers, and general exhaust piping. If you need blankets that can be quickly assembled and installed, we also offer an exclusive spring fastening system for simple & easy installation.

On-Highway Vehicle Insulation Solutions from Firwin

Firwin is dedicated to helping you reach your goals in emission reduction. To learn more about what we do, check out our eBook on Diesel Emissions Standards. We also offer a range of other educational literature in our resource library. If you have any questions about our manufacturing process, contact Firwin’s insulation experts today—we’re here to help!

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