Valve insulation jackets are vital to the success of various processes in the petrochemical, chemical, and oil and gas industries. Valve insulation provides ongoing protection for valves and keeps surrounding components such as boilers, pipes, flanges, and stream traps insulated against high heat. Reusable valve insulation jackets are easy to install and remove for maintenance and repairs.

At Firwin, we stock high-quality valve insulation jackets, covers, and blankets for industrial and commercial use. Learn more about our premium valve insulation solutions, the benefits of implementing them at your facility, and the key considerations to factor in when choosing the right insulation product.

Valve Insulation Jackets | Reusable Valve Covers
Valve Insulation Jackets | Reusable Valve Covers

Premium Valve Insulation Solutions

At Firwin, we manufacture all products in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities. Our removable insulation covers, jackets, and blankets are crafted from robust materials to maximize years of reliable service and provide exceptional heat retention capabilities for your required specifications. We also ensure that every removable insulation blanket adheres to all necessary guidelines set by facility owners.

Our ThermoWrap insulation blankets are used with valves of all shapes and types, including butterfly valves, flow valves, and gate valves. They can also be adapted to various actuators, instrumentation panels, flanges, and process piping. Standard construction for our ThemorWrap blankets are outer and inner covers made from PTFE- or silicone-reinforced fiberglass, with polyester Velcro fasteners and drawstrings. Other materials and fastening methods are available where the application warrants.

These valve jackets are specifically designed for use in lower-temperature applications below 500 °F, unlike their diesel and gas engine counterparts, which generally operate at higher temperatures. ThermoWrap blankets are tailored to securely envelop even the most complex upstream equipment, accommodating multiple penetrations for fittings and steam, electric, or glycol tracing.

Valve Insulation Jackets | Reusable Valve Covers

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The Benefits of Firwin’s Removable Valve Insulation Jackets

Here are just a few benefits of Firwin’s removable valve insulation jackets:

Enhanced Safety

Enhanced Safety: Firwin’s removable valve insulation jackets feature reduced outer surface temperatures to minimize the risk of accidental contact burns or other injuries.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection: Our jackets provide a solid barrier against extreme heat, cold, and even chemicals, thus guaranteeing the optimal performance of connected equipment.

Durability and Efficiency

Durability and Efficiency: Firwin’s jackets are made from sturdy materials that withstand the rigorous demands of many industrial environments. They are also easy to remove and reinstall, saving you time and effort during maintenance or inspection.

Customizable Fit for All Valve Types

Customizable Fit for All Valve Types: At Firwin, we understand no two industrial needs are the same. This is why we design and manufacture our insulation jackets to provide a custom fit for all types and models of industrial valves, including butterfly valves, control valves, gate valves, and more. A customizable fit ensures optimal thermal insulation and minimizes heat loss regardless of the valve configuration.

Cost-Effective Insulation

Cost-Effective Insulation: Compared to traditional permanent or hard insulation methods, our reusable solutions reduce waste and save money.

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Key Considerations When Selecting Valve Insulation Covers

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to insulation blankets for valves. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the right blanket for your application:

Proper Fit

Proper Fit: Valves generally come in a range of shapes and sizes. Choose a custom-designed insulation cover that perfectly matches the target valve.

Insulation Thickness

Insulation Thickness: The thickness of a removable insulation cover is typically 1”, but there are some instances that require a different thickness. For instance, if you are dealing with small valves with unique clearances, opt for a thinner 1/2″ insulation.


Materials: The typical materials in removable insulation blankets for most industrial applications are silicone or Teflon™ coated fiberglass liners with fiberglass insulation in between. However, some applications require alternative insulation material or liners.

Learn more about these considerations to select the right insulation blankets for your valves.

Valve Insulation Jackets | Reusable Valve Covers

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Valves should be properly insulated to reduce heat loss, support energy efficiency, and keep materials flowing optimally at desired temperatures. Insulated valve covers help keep valves from freezing during cold operations. They also protect the valves and other components from extreme temperatures and chemical exposure.

At Firwin, we pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer of custom insulation products for piping, engines, valves, and other vital industrial components. For over 40 years, we have been providing reliable and safe insulation solutions for the oil and gas, marine, power generation, mining, military, and many other industries. Contact our team or request a quote to discuss your valve insulation needs today!