TurbineTurbines create extreme heat that can damage equipment and make work environments unsafe. Turbine insulating blankets help reduce heat loss to improve workplace safety and energy efficiency. Firwin has delivered custom insulating blankets since 1982 and maintains an ISO 9001:2015 certification to ensure quality products and processes. Understanding the benefits of our turbine insulation blankets will help you determine if our solutions are right for your facility.

Benefits of Firwin’s Removable Turbine Insulation Blankets

Firwin’s removable turbine insulation blankets offer various benefits, including:

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency: Turbine insulation blankets reduce heat and energy loss. Heat loss can increase the temperature of surrounding areas, decreasing the comfort and safety of workers and increasing cooling costs. Insulation blankets are an energy-efficient and sustainable solution for managing heat and energy loss from turbines.

Decreased Operational Costs

Decreased Operational Costs: Insulating turbine jackets can reduce operational costs. High-heat environments created by uninsulated turbines can reduce equipment lifespan, requiring additional maintenance to support proper performance. Insulating blankets reduce operational expenses on cooling and minimize equipment maintenance and repairs.

Enhanced Employee Safety

Enhanced Employee Safety: High-temperature industrial equipment can elevate work environment temperatures, accelerating the fatigue experienced by workers. Hot equipment and steam can also cause burns and injuries to nearby staff. Turbine insulation blankets improve safety by minimizing steam and condensation formation that can cause slips and burns.

Extended Equipment Life

Extended Equipment Life: Insulating turbine covers protect nearby equipment from steam condensation and high temperatures. They can also protect turbine equipment from weather, thereby extending their lifespan.


Customizability: Firwin can produce insulating turbine jackets in a range of custom sizes, shapes, and configurations. Our blankets can be produced up to 4 inches thick, depending on the safety requirements. We can also supply them with secure fasteners and multiple layers in removable and non-removable configurations.

Easy Installation and Removal

Easy Installation and Removal: Turbine insulation blankets from Firwin are designed for simple installation and removal, reducing downtime for maintenance and repair.


Durability: Our turbine jackets are manufactured from high-quality materials, including aerogel, fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose material solutions (CMS) wool. They provide the expected performance and properties with longevity in harsh industrial conditions.

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Why Choose Firwin for Your Insulation Needs?

When you work with Firwin, your facility and organization can benefit from our:

  • Unmatched Expertise: Firwin has a reputation for delivering high-quality turbine cover solutions with over 40 years of industry experience.
  • Wide Range of Materials: We offer a wide selection of quality materials to meet our clients’ insulation specifications, including mineral wool, CMS wool, fiberglass, and aerogel.
  • Commitment to Quality & Safety: Firwin maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification to provide consistently high-quality products. Our turbine covers comply with UL 2200 for workplace safety and peace of mind.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: At Firwin, customer service is our priority, with a team dedicated to answering all questions and providing expert guidance for insulation blanket selection.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: We understand minimizing downtime is critical to operations, so our fast turnaround times ensure our custom turbine insulation blankets are produced and delivered when our customers need them.

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Turbine insulation blankets are crucial to creating a safe, energy-efficient, and easy-to-maintain work environment. Firwin’s turbine covers and jackets reduce heat loss that can otherwise increase the temperatures of work environments and cause employee injury. Our solutions protect turbine equipment from weather and nearby equipment from damage due to condensation and high temperatures. Our blankets are made of quality materials and suit a range of configurations with removable designs to facilitate quick installation and maintenance.

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