Firwin manufactures removable blankets tailored for a wide range of applications, spanning from the smallest to the largest industrial applications. While each presents its unique set of challenges, crafting large-sized blankets demands a manufacturer with the capacity and expertise to ensure the final product functions seamlessly in the field.

Manufacturing large removable insulation blankets introduces distinct challenges. Ensuring these blankets perform optimally requires specialized factory setups with long sewing tables and machining methods that counteract sagging due to their size and weight, crucial for vertical installations. Additionally, handling the weight during installation and addressing shipping logistics due to their size become significant considerations, underlining the complexity of producing large-sized blankets. As such, it is important to choose a manufacturer with the capability and equipment to combat these manufacturing and logistics challenges.

Firwin’s Large Insulation Blanket Specifications & Capabilities

Large industrial insulation blankets pose significant challenges due to their considerable weight and shipping considerations. These blankets, designed to regulate temperature in large-scale industrial settings, often feature dense, high-quality materials that can be remarkably heavy, making installation and handling labor-intensive tasks. The weight exacerbates shipping logistics, leading to increased costs and potential delays in delivery. The bulk and weight of these blankets necessitate specialized transportation methods and can strain logistical networks. Addressing these weight and shipping issues is crucial for streamlining delivery and ensuring these solutions remain a viable and cost-effective option for businesses.

Because they’re built to meet the most extreme temperatures and conditions, our large industrial insulation blankets can weigh upwards of 70 lbs or more. For safe and efficient transportation, Firwin makes sure to package our large insulation blankets in robust, oversized custom boxes.

Common Industrial Application

Custom large insulation blankets fulfill a wide range of industrial uses, including equipment used in the manufacture of other parts, such as tanks and spheres. To these ends, Firwin’s industrial safety blankets serve the needs of numerous industries, including the following:

These industries typically use large removable insulation blankets primarily for efficiently regulating thermal output to enhance equipment performance and maintain safe working conditions.

Project Examples: Firwin’s Custom Large Insulation Blankets in Action

Firwin continually seeks ways to solve our clients’ thermal regulation challenges. Industrial needs for custom insulation blankets are always changing. This presents unique challenges which need creative solutions. You can read about them here:

  • Petroleum Tanks: Firwin’s insulation materials technicians developed numerous large 12 ft x 4 ft insulation blankets to act as a thermal containment wall at a petroleum tank farm. The removable blankets were laced together which required a unique mounting design using s/s hooks. This insulated containment wall was necessary to meet local fire codes. In total, we provided 72 custom insulation blankets which provided an exceptional heat barrier in full fire code compliance.
  • Large Industrial Cylinder: Firwin developed large custom insulation blankets for a large industrial cylinder. These blankets required 4 ft x 100 ft dimensions, which presented challenges that other manufacturing and packaging companies could not accommodate. With our facilities and industry knowledge, we were able to overcome these challenges to produce the large, custom insulation blankets the client required.

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Maintaining thermal regulation in industrial settings is important for worker safety and equipment efficiency. Firwin meets even the most challenging insulation requirements with removable insulation blankets built to the highest standards, including ISO 9001:2015 and UL220 for project quality management and fire/electric shock protection, respectively. Our company’s standards also extend to customer support, and we strive to maintain a 24-hour response time for all inquiries.

View our extensive inventory of custom insulation products or request a quote for your exact insulation project needs. You can also contact us to learn more about Firwin’s removable insulation blanket technologies.