Exhaust systems can produce a significant amount of noise, carrying sound pollution from engines and other loud machinery. As a result, industrial silencers are installed to drastically reduce ambient noise from spreading to the surrounding environment.

As part of the exhaust system, silencers absorb heat and require an insulation solution. Insulation blankets for industrial silencers help to minimize the surface temperature of the silencer, creating an overall lower temperature in the surrounding operating environment. These blankets for silencers also create a safer working environment for employees working with or around exhausts, engines, and other high-decibel, high-heat equipment.

Insulation Blankets for Silencers

A variety of silencers are available based on the demands of a specific application. At Firwin, we offer a selection of insulation blanket solutions for silencers of different makes and models across a range of industry use cases. Our component library has measurements and design patterns for silencers for many of the most popular silencer OEMs, including Harco, Nelson, Stealth Malvern, Universal, and COWL.

Removable Insulation Blanket with CutoutsA typical insulation solution for industrial silencers is a one-piece or two-piece body construction with circular end caps. Larger silencers would typically feature a number of body pieces, due to the size and weight of the insulation covers.

As with our other insulation blanket solutions, insulation blankets for covering silencers are laced up along a seam using rivets and stainless steel wire. However, blankets for silencers will also feature additional rivets on the sides, in order to attach the end caps to the silencer body blanket.

Custom Insulation Blankets

Silencer with InsulationAt Firwin, we understand that insulation blankets must often fit a complex range of shapes and sizes, and unique solutions are required for equipment that doesn’t feature standard contours. To accommodate these needs, we offer custom-built cutouts for support brackets and other protrusions to ensure that our insulation blankets will fit easily and properly over silencers in any application.

Our team of highly trained design engineers works closely with each customer to determine exactly how our customizable, removable insulation blanket solutions can fit into their operation. Our customers complete a Firwin drawing form, indicating the locations where they need support bracket cutouts and specifying equipment measurements.

Alternatively, customers can provide our design team with photos and area dimensions, making sure to pinpoint which components require cutouts and openings in the blanket. With this information, our team can design a customized insulation blanket solution featuring the necessary openings, ensuring that all equipment will be properly insulated while still compensating for surrounding obstacles and protrusions.

Insulation Blankets for Top Silencer Manufacturers

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