Back-up Power

Wye Connector and Silencer.

Daewoo P222LE - Manifold and Turbo

Back up power for government ministry building. Firwin 1800 insulation on engine and exhaust reduced ambient heat in engine room to manageable levels, and provides personnel protection from hot exhaust components. Vermiculite used on portions of outer cover because of extremely hot exhaust temperatures.

Exhaust Elbow and Catalyst

Red Silicone Outer Cover

Manifold, Turbo, Outlet Elbow

John Deere 6068T Power Tech Engine with Firwin Insulation Blankets

Silencer & Exhaust System

Back up power for large media entertainment company. FW1800 insulation lowered temperature in engine room to manageable levels, and protects personnel from burns.

Silex JC-5 Silencer

Insulation Blankets with cut-outs for support brackets

4 Caterpillar SCRs

Insulation:2" FW1800, Basalt Board panels on underside. Outer Cover: Heavy Duty Silicone

Rooftop SCR System

SCRs insulated to maintain exhaust temperatures and protect personnel from burns. Basalt (Rockwool) panels used on underside to prevent sagging.

SCR and Mixing Tube with Insulation Blankets

SCR and 20"Ø Mixing (Injection) Tube - 2" MW1200 insulation, Heavy silicone outer cover

SCR Insulated

Steuler SCR with Firwin Removable Insulation Blankets - 2" MW1200 mineral wool insulation, Heavy silicone outer cover

Waste Gas Recovery Plant - Aerial View

Firwin removable insulation blankets on gas plant exhaust piping reduced ambient heat to safe and manageable levels.

Waste Gas Recovery Plant - Blanket Installation

Installing 2" FW1800 Insulation Blankets

Waste Gas Recovery Plant - Engine and Exhaust

One of four Superior 16 Cylinder Engines