At Firwin, we are a leading manufacturer of custom insulation products for diesel and gas engines and exhaust systems and industrial equipment. One of our core product offerings is Hard Coat™ insulation. Below we outline what it is, its key advantages, and its typical applications. 


What Is Hard Coat Insulation?

Firwin Hard Coat insulation is a high-temperature composite insulation material. It consists of high alumina, ceramic fiber insulation covered by a highly durable and heat resistant composite. While the insulation material used in Firwin HC is rated for temperatures up to 2,192° F (1,200° C), the product generally sees uses in applications involving temperatures 1,200° F (650° C) or below. It is available in 1/2 inch and 1 inch thicknesses, with the 1/2 inch variation rated for continuous use in temperatures up to 1,300° F (704° C) and the 1 inch variation rated for continuous use in temperatures up to 1,800° F (982° C). The former is more commonly used due to space constraints around parts needing insulation.  

Unlike other insulation solutions (e.g., insulation blankets), Hard Coat insulation is permanent. As a result, it is not suitable for parts that need regular maintenance. 

Advantages of Hard Coat Insulation

Compared to other insulation products, Hard Coat insulation offers a number of advantages, such as: 

  • It forms a hard and rugged exterior. The outer composite layer is less not susceptible to tearing and embrittlement, making Hard Coat insulation generally more durable and long-lasting than removable insulation blankets. 
  • It is resistant to oil and water. The outer composite layer protects the inner insulation layer from fluid intrusion. 
  • It is non-flammable. The product is self-extinguishing as per FAR part 25.853. The outer composite layer chars when exposed to flames, preventing the flames from penetrating the inner insulation layer and the underlying structures. 
  • It is suitable for limited space environments. The insulation product adheres directly and conforms tightly to the part or structure, meaning it takes up as less space than other insulation products. 

When used correctly, it can offer the following benefits: 

  • Mitigation of heat damage on sensitive components
  • Protection against burns
  • Prevention of fluid ignition on hot engine and exhaust parts
  • Lowered ambient temperatures

Applications of Hard Coat Insulation

Hard Coat insulation is best suited for parts and products that are regularly exposed to high temperatures for extended periods and rarely subject to maintenance and servicing requirements. One prime example is engine compartment components, such as elbows, exhaust manifolds, exhaust piping, and turbochargers. 

Some of the industries that regularly use Hard Coat insulation over removable insulation blankets include: 

Hard Coat Insulation Solutions at Firwin

Hard Coat insulation plays an essential role in various industrial applications and processes by protecting employees from burns, preventing the ignition of flammable fluids, mitigating heat damage in nearby components, and lowering ambient temperatures. Additionally, as a permanent insulation solution, it offers better durability and longevity than removable insulation products. If you’re looking for high-quality insulation products, turn to the experts at Firwin.  

At Firwin, we provide a wide range of insulation solutions—including Hard Coat insulation—for various industrial applications. If you have additional questions about our insulation product offerings, contact us today. To discuss your requirements with one of our representatives, request a quote

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