At Firwin, we offer dynamic prototyping solutions to meet your unique insulation requirements. We combine years of design and engineering expertise with the latest technology to deliver cost-effective, reliable insulation products every time.

Prototyping Solutions for Insulation Blanket Fit

Ensure Proper Insulation Fit With Firwin’s Prototyping Capabilities

Our advanced prototyping capabilities allow us to test out designs before investing time and money in larger production runs. We work with you from design to production, making any necessary corrections and then re-testing to ensure an exact fit.

Prototyping components helps to ensure a proper blanket fit and prevent performance issues in the final product, including the following:

  • Heat escaping from the equipment
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Potential damage to products, equipment, and personnel

Learn more about our vast prototyping capabilities below, so you can start setting the groundwork for your project with Firwin.

Prototyping From Existing Parts & Drawings

The Firwin design team’s standard approach to prototyping is to use existing drawings and CAD/STP files to create the initial blanket prototype per your specifications.

Prototyping From Existing Parts & Drawings

You can also send us the component for which you need an insulation blanket to wrap or cover (i.e., a pipe, elbow, etc.), and we can construct a prototype blanket fitted to that specific component.

Prototyping Solutions for Insulation Blanket Fit

For clients without access to the part, we can in some circumstances 3D print the component in-house and use that model for blanket prototype creation and testing. Whatever your project requires, we will work closely with you to ensure an exact fit and reliable performance in the resulting product before beginning full-scale production.

Parts 3D Printed by Firwin

Reverse Engineering

Our team can also reverse-engineer an insulation blanket from an actual blanket currently in use at your facility. We will analyze the existing product to determine its material makeup and confirm the necessary project specifications for your application. Our engineering team will thoroughly assess the blanket and its functionality, making suggestions for material and design improvements when possible.

Client Success Stories

Explore the advantages of professional prototyping for insulation blankets to achieve the right fit and construction.

Prototyping Custom Insulation Blankets for OEMs

We collaborated with our client to develop a high-temperature insulation pad and designed a 3D part to be able to meet their exact specifications. This 3D part enabled us to swiftly conduct in-house fit testing of the pad, which is designed to withstand temperatures up to 400°C. Additionally, the pad features access holes for thermocouples, wiring, and other necessary components.

Remote Scanning for Flawless Insulation Blanket Fit

Remote Scanning for Flawless Insulation Blanket FitOne of our insulation projects for a Komatsu Loader required additional capabilities to create a realistic model for the insulation blanket. Third-party software allowed our engineering team to remotely scan and interpret images, streamlining the initial design process and helping our team bring the product design to life.

Using 3D Modeling to Guarantee Fire Blanket Effectiveness

For one of our past projects producing fire blankets, we 3D printed a model of a flange. We then made a blanket prototype that provided an exact fit – a requirement for flanges that may be at risk of fire damage.

Insulation Applications

Quality insulation designs can drastically reduce hazards and improve system performance in a wide range of applications. Some of the most common uses for our insulation blankets include:

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If you need protective insulation blankets for your equipment, take advantage of our advanced prototyping process to achieve the best final product.

Firwin specializes in creating custom insulation products for OEMs, industrial clients, diesel and gas engines, and more. Since 1982, we have provided design and development solutions, insulation blanket manufacturing, and excellent customer support. We work closely with customers throughout the production process to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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Prototyping Solutions for Insulation Blanket Fit