Blanket Installation Tips

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Blanket Installation Tips Insulation blankets help protect personnel by containing potentially dangerous temperatures inside the affected component so that the ambient environment remains stable and safe.  Insulation blankets can also control temperatures during mechanical operations to keep temperature fluctuations from damaging the surrounding equipment. Although most insulation blankets are designed to prevent heat from transferring […]

Engine Library

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At Firwin, we pride ourselves on our extensive engine insulation knowledge base. With over 30 years in the industry, we have amassed a comprehensive library of engine projects, with insulation specifications and requirements for every engine we have experienced. Firwin’s engine library features templated insulation blanket designs, allowing for more efficient fabrication of products for […]

Aerogel Insulation Solves a Variety of Insulation Challenges

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When choosing the best insulation for your application, it is important to ensure that it closely fits the dimensions of the components it is meant to insulate to maximize coverage and insulate against heat loss. It is equally critical to have a thorough understanding of the insulating material. The correct insulating material helps to ensure […]

During COVID-19, Firwin is Continuing Regular Operations

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March 31, 2020 Dear Firwin Customers and Suppliers, Please note that Firwin is continuing regular operations as an essential service provider based on the Government of Ontario directive that “Manufacturing Businesses that support and facilitate the two-way movement of essential goods within integrated North America are considered to be essential services”. We continue to maintain […]

R-Value of Insulation: Explore Our eBook

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The first thought that most people have when they think of insulation is the puffy pink fiberglass typically used in the construction industry to provide insulation inside walls and attics. In applications of this type, fiberglass insulation is rated by the manufacturer with an R-value according to the material’s resistance to conductive heat flow. What […]

Does Insulation Cause Corrosion?

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We are commonly asked this question: Does insulation cause corrosion? Given the many expenses already involved in plant maintenance, it makes sense to carefully consider factors that might contribute to corrosion—including improperly maintained insulation. Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a well-documented problem in processing plants, occurring when moisture builds up underneath the surface of an […]

Insulation Materials

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Good insulation doesn’t just add layers around heat sources. It must closely fit the dimensions of the components to minimize heat loss and increase ease of use. But when it comes time to decide the makeup of your insulation blanket, do you know anything about the materials that go inside? The team at Firwin Corporation […]

What to Know About Boiler Insulation

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According to the guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Energy, any surfaces with temperatures above 120°F should always be insulated. This includes all parts of boilers, such as doors, steam drum covers, and piping. While frequently overlooked, boiler pipe insulation is essential; proper boiler insulation leads to energy conservation, employee safety, and increased efficiency […]

Guide to Heat Tracing

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Temperature regulation poses a challenge for many industrial piping processes. Even in warmer climates, heat loss can prevent pipes from remaining at the optimal temperature for their operations and contents, which threatens productivity and product quality, respectively. Heat tracing, also known as trace heating, offers a solution to controlling pipe temperatures. The system involves running […]

Introduction to Engine Component Insulation

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Engines play a vital role in a wide range of industrial applications. However, they also introduce a variety of hazards and risks to the work environment if the proper precautions are not implemented. For example, they can generate a significant amount of heat, which can negatively impact nearby equipment performance and integrity, and employee health […]