Absolute Zero in Chile

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Recently, our company president, Paul Herman, took a trip down to one of our newest and most exciting markets, Chile. While there, Paul met with Firwin’s Chilean distributor, in order to continue to develop durable, high quality removable insulation blankets, covers, and jackets, and insulation solutions. At Firwin, every project we work on is our […]

LFP™ Chemical Spray Shields

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We all know how annoying it is when the pipes under your bathroom sink spring a leak: ruined toiletries, soaked towels, and a big bill from the plumber.  Now imagine if you owned a piping system that didn’t carry water to the sink, but corrosive fluids under extremely high pressure. When these systems leak, you […]

Firwin Goes Way out West

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Western Canada, which includes major population centers like Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, has always played a big role in the global energy industry.  The region is one of the world’s largest exporters of energy resources and contains 13% of the world’s oil reserves, and 8% of the uranium reserves. However, in recent years, the rush to […]

How to Install Firwin Removable Blankets

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Finding the perfect insulation blanket is only half of the battle. If you choose the experts at Firwin to then you are off to a great start! However, without proper installation, even the highest quality insulation jackets, insulation covers, and heat shields won’t work properly and can give you a false sense of security. To […]

Firwin and Chile

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As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, open-pit mining is a great way to extract minerals and ore from the earth, but it becomes less effective when you start exhausting materials relatively close to the surface. It is at this crucial point that entire industries must make a choice: move on to another open-pit opportunity, or […]

The Maid of the Mist and Firwin

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At Firwin, we insulate a lot of serious equipment. Economies across the globe rely heavily on the mining, trucking, and marine industries. All of these endeavors can be dangerous without the quality insulation that Firwin provides. However, insulation isn’t all about hard work, it can also be about having fun.  Since the first person set […]

Firwin and Mine Safety

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COPIAPO, Chile where 33 miners were trapped in a collapsed mine From August to October of 2010, it was next to impossible to watch TV for more than 10 minutes without hearing about the 33 miners trapped in a collapsed gold mine 2,300 ft below Chile’s harsh and isolated Atacama Desert. The Copiapó mining accident […]

Underground versus Open Pit Mining


If you scan any news source these days, you will find countless stories about the world’s unquenchable desire for mineable resources like oil, coal, and precious metals. Recently, Firwin has begun to extend its reach into the ever-growing world of mining. With this in mind, we thought this would be the perfect time to review […]

Are Insulation Blankets Safe for Outdoor Applications?

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There are two possible problems when considering using removable insulation blankets for outdoor applications: •    The potential for water to get underneath the blanket and stay, which could in turn lead to pipe corrosion under certain circumstances.•    The possibility of poor insulation performance when exposed to the elements. Because insulation blankets, by nature, are not […]

Appropriate Insulation for Marine Applications

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Marine applications differ from land-based applications in three main areas: Firstly, a ship engine is typically used for prime power, so it is running all the time and generating a lot of continuous heat, unlike a back-up power generator. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, are the additional safety concerns that arise from being a […]