With over 30 years of experience in the field, Firwin is proud to be a premier manufacturer of removable insulation blankets and permanent composite Hard Coat™ insulation solutions.

Our business was built on our commitment to provide our customers with the best insulation solution for their particular situation, and it’s from this strong foundation that we’ve emerged as a leading insulation solutions provider for companies across a diverse range of industries.

Firwin’s Key Capabilities

  • Custom insulation products — Firwin offers various permanent and removable thermal solutions. Our product inventory includes removable insulation blankets, Thermo-Wrap™ insulation covers, metal foil, and Hard Coat™ composites.
  • Insulation solutions for a variety of industries — Firwin creates reliable, practical products for many different industries, from power generation and mining to military and marine.
  • Diverse insulation applications — Our products are used for various applications, such as exhaust piping covers, silencer insulation, engine insulation, turbines, industrial solutions, and vehicle insulation.
  • Stocked insulation and safety products — Insulation material, tapes, sleeves, hose wraps, spray shields, and sound attenuation solutions are among our most popular stocked products.

Technical Capabilities

Firwin adheres to the highest standards of design and manufacturing, and we invest in the best technology available today. Here’s a breakdown of our key technical capabilities and resources:

  1. Team of skilled engineers
  2. Design processes using software programs including AutoCAD and SolidWorks
  3. Computer-controlled cutting

OEM Capabilities

We understand the unique needs of growing OEMs. When Firwin creates a custom insulation solution for a client, we ensure:

  • Designs are scalable for shifting manufacturing capacities
  • Detailed pricing matrices and catalog lists are kept on hand by our responsive sales team
  • Product support is at your fingertips

Case Studies

For a better illustration of how Firwin helps our customers, a couple of case studies are outlined below.

Ship Lagging Overhaul: A Marine Application

  • Problem — A fleet of drill ships was experiencing torn exhaust lagging, or insulation. The customer wanted Firwin to construct removable insulation blankets that would meet specific size and thickness specifications set by the customer. Rather than just produce blankets to a specific spec without knowledge of the components they were meant to cover, Firwin encouraged the customer to share more of their product details and allow Firwin’s engineers to determine the most appropriate blanket design that would best meet the customer’s needs; the customer agreed.
  • Solution — Firwin’s design team prepared two options for the customer, both elegant solutions that would cover both the exhaust flex and upper/lower flanges while meeting the customer’s specifications: 1) a single blanket that would cover the flex and the flanges (similar to the client’s original solution), and 2) a three-blanket solution, in which separate blankets would be made for the flex and flanges. The customer chose the three-blanket solution, as it would provide more flexibility and greater ease of use.

Heat Flow Analysis and Containment: A Non-OEM Application

  • Problem — A company needed to insulate a silencer located in their in-house testing room as they were concerned about its high heat generation within the limited space. To assess how much insulation would be required to properly protect the equipment, Firwin conducted a heat flow analysis.
  • Solution — Using new flow simulation software, a dramatic improvement over past technology, the Firwin team was able to use accurate data validation to inform the client’s insulation decision. Firwin’s heat flow analysis indicated that only the top of the silencer needed to be insulated to achieve the desired heat containment. The client moved forward with insulating the recommended portion of the equipment and successfully reduced the silencer’s heat generation, without needlessly spending money on blankets for the entire silencer body.

Find the Custom Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Beginning as a small family business, Firwin has grown to become an industry leader in custom insulation products for wide-ranging industrial applications across the world.

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