Although removable insulation blankets are the perfect solution for many industries and applications, we understand that there are times when a thinner, permanent insulation is more appropriate. Our specially designed Permanent Composite Hard Coat™ provides a unique insulation solution for limited space applications, with the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Often used on elbows, exhaust manifolds, exhaust tubing, and turbochargers, our clients in the aerospace, defense, marine, and mining industries turn to our hard-coat insulation to ensure both safety and performance. Conforming tightly to the part, hard-coat insulation prevents fluids from igniting on hot engine and exhaust parts and protects personnel from burns. And, because of its high-temperature performance, the composite is ideal for engine compartments and components requiring long-term exposure to high temperatures. By lowering ambient temperatures, the composite reduces heat stress for both the application and the operator.

A more durable, longer-lasting choice than removable insulation, our Permanent Composite Hard Coat™ can be installed within three short weeks: Once a part arrives at our plant, we apply insulation and return the component to you as needed. To learn about this product and more, please contact us.

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