Although diesel-powered equipment offers countless advantages, the noise associated with these machines is less than ideal. Sound levels can reach deafening levels, posing a threat to operators, employees in the vicinity, and other nearby machining processes. As a result of our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality removable insulation blankets, many clients turn to us for sound attenuation solutions. While insulation blankets can help dampen sound, most sound attenuation solutions involve a combination of materials that are specially selected to suit a given application.

Material selection for sound attenuation is dependent on the frequency of the sound the material must block. Fiberglass and mineral wool are particularly well-suited to absorbing higher frequency sound, in the 1,000 to 4,000 Hz range. Lower frequency sounds are harder to absorb because of their long wavelengths, but typically the thicker the material or barrier, the more effective the absorption. To guide you in your material selection for sound absorption, please see our convenient guide to sound absorption materials and factors to consider.

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