Fire PumpFire pumps are perhaps the most critical component of any building’s fire protection system. It’s essential that your facility has safe, reliable equipment that meets all applicable safety standards. UL’s safety standards are some of the most important for ensuring your fire protection equipment is enough to keep the building safe.

UL Listed

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a third-party testing and listing agency that certifies equipment as safe in various applications. It also lists companies as certified manufacturers under UL’s rigorous requirements. UL is tasked with testing fire pumps and engines to evaluate their reliability, durability, and more. Specifically, UL evaluates the equipment with requirements in these four areas:

  • Compliance
  • Construction
  • Performance
  • NFPA 20

It’s essential that your facility has fire protection equipment that is UL-certified. Not only does this keep your facility compliant with other requirements, such as OSHA’s safety standards, but it’s also a strong indication of the overall quality of the components used in your system. Equipment that can satisfy UL’s requirements is much more likely to perform as expected in an emergency.

Fire Pump Exhaust Insulation

Like other engine-powered equipment, fire pumps engines can produce a tremendous amount of heat. This can be extremely dangerous to workers or customers in the surrounding areas who might accidentally touch the exposed surfaces.

Surface contact isn’t the only danger of high heat levels, however. The equipment can pour a lot of heat into the surrounding air. If temperatures in the ambient space around the equipment get too high, it may impact the ability of employees to do their jobs without expensive personal protective gear or other safety equipment. Constant high temperatures can also damage surrounding equipment and cause additional indirect harm to building infrastructure.

Insulation covers offer a simple and affordable solution to heat-related issues. Most fire pump and engine-powered systems need to have insulation covers or blankets as part of their total safety process.

These covers fit snugly over the surface of each exhaust pipe and heat-generating component to lock the heat inside. The outside of the insulation blankets then becomes safer to the touch, and the ambient temperature of the space lowers. The covers also help ensure better safety and operation of the fire pump.

The insulation blankets themselves also need to meet safety standards to ensure reliable performance. That’s where Firwin comes in.

Firwin’s Fire Pump Insulation Expertise

Firwin is a leading manufacturer of insulation blankets and covers for a wide range of industrial and commercial systems. Our company is a UL 2200-listed manufacturer, and we have been creating UL-compliant insulation products for nearly 40 years. Fire pump insulation projects are one of our specialties, and our team can create a custom series of insulation blankets that fit your fire pump’s exhaust pipes exactly to guarantee the highest level of safety.

Firwin works quickly to insulate fire pump systems. Contact us today if you’re ready to get started on your fire pump insulation project. If you’d like more information on insulating your fire pump, please download our fire pump safety eBook.

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