Firwin insulation blankets provide critical protection for engines, generators, exhaust systems, and more. Since they are used in such a wide range of applications, insulation blankets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Each blanket style has unique installation instructions. While most blankets are straightforward to install, some can be more challenging due to the shape of the blanket out of the box which doesn’t correspond with the shape of the part. 

How Installation Works

Firwin’s insulation blankets are engineered to ensure accurate fits around exhaust and engine components. We understand that a clean fit is critical and time is of the essence, which is why our blankets can be immediately installed right out of the box. For complicated or unique blanket installations, we also provide a numbered diagram to simplify the process.

How to Install Insulation Blankets

Some insulation blanket installation methods for hard-to-identify parts we see at Firwin include:

Segmented Elbows

When installing an insulation blanket on segmented elbows, it is important to cover the full surface area. You can do this by curving the edges of the blanket to create the elbow’s shape. Secure the blanket to the elbow with lacing wire and avoid gaps or voids.


Wrap the blanket around the flange and secure it temporarily with a piece of wire or lacing. Carefully pull on the blanket’s drawcords at the top and bottom until the blanket begins to tighten around the flange. When you can see the shape of the flange, you can remove the wire you used to secure the blanket and then use the wiring on the draw cords to fasten them around the rivets.

MineWrap™ Mark II Butterfly Elbows

Open the blanket and pull it over the elbow by curving the edges. Once the elbow is covered, secure the blanket to the joint with lace wire.

Purifiers with Cones

Firwin’s blankets for purifiers with cones are specifically designed to fit snugly. Simply open the blanket and curve it around the cone until the edges meet. The shape of the blanket will conform to the purifier and cone. Then, wrap the blanket with wire to secure it to the equipment.


Due to their complexity, manifolds require a more complex installation. Follow these steps to ensure that your Firwin insulation blanket is properly installed:

  1. Fold the blanket around the manifold.
  2. Once the blanket is in position, create a loop on one end of the lacing wire by twisting the wire around itself.
  3. Feed the loop under the manifold and pull the loop up to hook on the first capstan rivet.
  4. Pull on the long end of the wire to tighten it around the rivet and then wrap the wire around the blanket and the first rivet under the manifold.
  5. Feed the wire back under the manifold, tighten it, and wrap it around the next rivet.
  6. Feed the wire down to the button on the blanket, tighten the wire, wrap it around the blanket, and snip the wire.
  7. Continue this process until the manifold insulation blanket is fully installed.

It is important to avoid over-twisting the wire during installation, as it could break off.

Working with Firwin

At Firwin, we are pleased to provide excellent service throughout your insulation selection and installation. We take your requests seriously and strive to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours. Our dedicated team of in-house insulation design experts will help you find the ideal insulation solution for your needs. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we stand by our products and services, and will always work with you to solve any problems as they arise.

Contact Firwin to Discuss Your Custom Insulation Solution

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