At Firwin, we are proud of our work with the plastics industry. As with all of our customers, the plastic extrusion and injection molding industry is extremely concerned with both energy savings and worker safety. Luckily, Firwin offers a wide array of removable insulation blankets that can help with these two pervasive problems.

removable insulation blankets

Firwin custom manufactures insulation blankets that are perfect for some of the most important parts of the plastic forming process, including covers for injection-molder barrel heaters, and preheat and service throw insulation covers.  If you have ever had any experience with a barrel heater, you know that they are just loaded with pipes, electrical connections, and thermocouples. This high level of complexity makes covering them difficult. If not done correctly the heater will take more energy to operate, and you risk exposing your workers to dangerously hot parts.

So how exactly do our removable insulation blankets save energy and keep your workers safe? Here are some examples:

  • Barrel heaters are switched on and off constantly. By covering them in the proper insulation, the units will retain heat when off, and take less energy to reach operating temperature when restarted.  One of our clients reports that thanks to Firwin’s removable insulation blankets, they save 35% on energy input and a 25% reduction in start-up time!
  • Another customer was concerned because they had a preheat station located next to a passage door. They wanted the benefits of maintaining an optimal level of heat, all while protecting their workers from accidental contact in this heavily trafficked area. Once again, Firwin’s removable insulation was the perfect solution.

If you are looking to make your injection-molded barrel heaters both energy efficient and safe, please visit our website or contact Firwin today.

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