Do you work in the coal industry? Coal pollution has been a rampant topic in the news recently, causing for much debate and conversation, especially when it comes to potential health risks associated with coal fired power plants.
What about the actual mining of the coal itself? In terms of mining, coal, like other other mined products, makes extensive use of diesel and gas powered equipment to extract the coal from the ground.  The exhaust from this equipment can contain pollutants and carcinogens, which must be captured prior to release, so that only clean air or steam is let out.
Various after-treatment systems, such as catalysts, particulate filters, and SCRs (a type of catalyst) are used to treat the exhaust before it is released into the air.  These after-treatment systems often require high exhaust temperatures to function optimally and burn off the pollutants. Our insulation blankets, insulation jackets, and insulation covers work in conjunction with these after-treatment systems. Specifically, the blankets are used to insulate the catalyst / SCR, as well as the exhaust piping leading into it. Asides from the blankets protecting the personnel who might be in close proximity to the exhaust, and lowering the ambient temperature in the area around the equipment, the insulation blankets and jackets maintain the exhaust temperatures at their highest level so that the after-treatment systems work optimally. The further the exhaust gas has to travel from the engine to the catalyst / SCR, the more heat it can lose on the way. Insulating the after-treatment system and the exhaust that leads into it maintains the exhaust temperature and can be crucial in helping the after-treatment system capture the pollutants before they can be released into the air. Let our insulation blankets, jackets, and covers help you beat pollution!

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