Firwin friends, come take a look at our website—do you notice anything different? If you haven’t been on our page recently, then you should see a newer version of Firwin. Not too long ago, we went ahead and tweaked our website, so that it reflects all of the updates our company has made in the past months. Let’s walk through all of the changes.
Homepage: In wanting to make the website more current, we decided to provide more definition to the site, beginning with the homepage. Here, we added a border and some color to the outside of the page. Now take a look at the scrolling photos at the top of the homepage. Here, we wanted to refresh the images to properly reflect our latest products and applications, as well as our further foray into the oil and gas industries, which led to the addition of a new ThermoWrap photo.
Catalogue: From here, let’s move to our product catalogue. As you delve deeper into the catalogue, you will notice that some of the photos on the content buckets have been updated as well. Not only that, but as you move to either the “Products by Industry” list or the “Products by Application” list, you will see that visually, the page has been changed as well. Since we know it’s important to highlight the prominent industries and applications of our products, we wanted to ensure our site reflected our audience. Therefore, we re-ordered the list of industries and applications so that the more pertinent ones are placed at the top of the list.
Videos:  We recently told you about our experience at Power-Gen last month. Are you looking for even further information about that show? We added the video we showcased at Power-Gen for all of our visitors to enjoy.
Testimonials: Our website has always been full of great testimonials we have received from our customers. The only problem was that we felt it was hidden on the site. Now, we have added a tab for “Testimonials” to the top navigation field of the site. This way, you can’t miss them! Looking for our forms and literature? They can now be found under the “About Us” tab. Even better—they are no longer password protected, so more people can receive our information.
How do you like the changes? Hopefully, the site is not only updated, but more user-friendly to all of our visitors. Let us know what you think!

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