Marine applications differ from land-based applications in three main areas: Firstly, a ship engine is typically used for prime power, so it is running all the time and generating a lot of continuous heat, unlike a back-up power generator. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, are the additional safety concerns that arise from being a sea-borne vessel—out on the water is not a place for heat-related issues. Thirdly, the engine room is often in tight quarters, increasing the likelihood that someone brushes up against a hot exhaust component.
For these reasons, Firwin typically recommends a thicker level of insulation than would suffice in standard non-marine power applications – usually 2-inch thick insulation blankets, as long as space allows. Extra care is also taken in designing the blankets to ensure that small gaps between components are covered. Firwin Hard Coat is also an excellent alternative to removable insulation blankets for marine applications, especially in cases where space constraints do not allow for thicker insulation. 
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