Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is an integral piece of thermal systems. Its many benefits are often understated, but must be carefully considered when making development and design decisions regarding a facility’s safety, overall efficiency, and energy conservation.

Constructed from a wide range of materials, pipe insulation’s variations each serve a different function. Primarily, pipework insulation is used to form a thermal barrier between a pipe and room it runs through. From avoiding water damage and corrosion due to condensation, to ensuring a room’s temperature remains unaffected by temperatures inside a pipe or duct, to dampening unwanted sound—the benefits of pipe and heating duct insulation are multifaceted.

Insulated pipes control noise from the inside of pipes and absorb external sound as well, allowing for less sound interference in a room. Proper insulation can also prevent heat loss and/or heat gain to temperature-controlled areas. Uninsulated or poorly insulated pipes lead to corrosive condensation, decreased pipe efficiency, frozen pipes, and endangered workers if pipes operate at hazardous temperatures.

There are two options for installing pipe insulation: removable or permanent insulation. By understanding the specific functions of each type of insulation, you will be better prepared to identify which type of pipe insulation you need to meet the needs of your structure or operation.

Removable Insulation Types

One obvious benefit of removable pipe insulation is its flexibility. Removable insulation can be installed quickly, and can be an effective and convenient way to reduce heat loss and lower energy bills without a permanent fixture.

Removable insulation blankets can be harnessed using lacing wire, snaps, straps, springs, and Velcro, depending on the application. It’s important to understand your application and choose the right material for your insulation blankets.

Firwin can provide the following removable insulation solutions:

  • Insulation Blankets
    Our wide range of insulation blankets may be used for exhaust piping, exhaust components, engine parts, industrial piping, and machinery. We offer our blankets in a variety of materials to suit multiple temperature and moisture applications.
  • ThermoWrap
    Primarily for low temperature applications, ThermoWrap covers and jackets are commonly found insulating process piping and valves of every shape and size. Because ThermoWrap is restricted to temperatures under 500° F, it comes with convenient draw strings and/or Velcro for easy attachment.
  • T-Wrap
    Firwin’s innovative T-Wrap solution works like a roll of tape, and can be useful for insulating small pipes, tubing, valves, electrically traced lines, glycol lines, instrumentation lines, or small insulation projects.
  • MineWrap
    In mining, the insulation used to wrap engine components and piping often absorbs oil and fluids from leaks and spills. Wrapped with a stainless-steel mesh and foil liner, the MineWrap line of insulation products are specifically designed to increase fire safety by keeping hot hydraulic fluid and oil from hose leaks off of the surfaces of hot engines in mining applications.

Permanent Insulation Types

Permanent insulation provides options for more long-term insulation solutions. Permanent solutions offer longer total installation times, but also offer increased durability and longer life than insulation blankets.

The following permanent pipe insulation materials are available from Firwin:

  • Hard-Coat Insulation
    Our permanent hard-coat insulation is made from a heat-resistant composite material and can be useful in high-temperature applications such as exhaust tubing, exhaust manifolds, or turbochargers. You send the components to Firwin, and we coat them and return them to you within three weeks for installation.
  • Metal Foil Insulation(MFI)
    Firwin MFI wraps components in an insulated foil cover, and is useful for piping, tubing, or elbows in applications that need to keep insulation separate from fluids or humidity. MFI can tolerate solvents and pressure washing, and is highly customizable based on required shape and applications.

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Firwin Corp. manufactures a broad array of insulation products for engines, exhaust systems, equipment, and industrial applications. Contact us today to speak with our experts and learn which of our removable and permanent insulation products will work best for your operation.