Industrial Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is the weakening or silencing of the noise generated by an object or material. Sound insulation is a particularly important practice in heavy industry, which relies upon complex machinery that can’t be operated without creating noise. Without an effective sound insulation strategy, the usual noises of the workplace can limit communication on the floor, endanger the hearing of employees, and generate noise pollution in the surrounding community, undermining productivity and potentially exposing a company to costly OSHA violations.

To avoid these disruptive consequences, many industrial companies use customized sound attenuation materials to reduce the noise generated by their equipment. By reducing the ambient volume within their facilities, eliminating distracting vibrations, and minimizing noise pollution, companies can reinforce workplace safety and significantly improve employee morale. In the process, they’re able to heighten efficiencies at every stage of production, making sound insulation a critical investment in a company’s success.

The Benefits of Sound Insulation

Sound insulation can provide any company with an array of invaluable benefits. Most importantly, proper insulation ensures that your employees aren’t exposed to dangerously high decibel levels or unpleasant vibrations throughout the day, significantly reducing the risk of long-term health problems and workplace accidents.

Sound insulation can also result in dramatic improvements in the quality of the workplace. Grinding machinery and creaking pipes can drown out the voices of your employees, increasing the risk of a miscommunication that could derail production. It can also take a psychological toll on your workers, who might start to experience greater stress after constant exposure to loud noises. By mitigating any surrounding sounds, you can quickly transform your facility into a more welcoming and more productive environment.

Investing in audio insulation can also help you strengthen your commitment to your community. While most companies inevitably produce some noise, unaddressed noise pollution can greatly reduce the quality of life in nearby neighborhoods. Simply being a responsible neighbor can keep local residents happy and ensure your compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations.

Firwin’s Solutions

As a leading provider of insulation materials, Firwin deeply understands the importance of effective sound insulation. Since 1982, we’ve helped companies in every field overcome their sound insulation challenges with personalized solutions that tackle the problem at its source. Our suite of sound insulation products include:

  • AcoustiGuard™, our quilted fiberglass noise control curtains that can encase large machinery and capture noise reflected and broadcast from it
  • Barymat BTMM-14C, a sturdy composite lined with an inch of acoustic urethane foam to better absorb sound from engines and generators
  • BV-14C, a perforated vinyl covering that closes noise leakage paths in walls
  • Wildamp, our viscoelastic asphalt/polymer acoustical material designed to minimize the length and volume of random impact noises from sheet metal components

When used correctly, these products can lower decibel levels by 20 to 40 dBA. Designed with durability and versatility in mind, they’re suited to a wide variety of applications, including the automotive, construction, energy, mining, and waste management industries.

Sound insulation is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of heavy industry. At Firwin, we’re committed to supplying you with materials that help you silence noise in the workplace altogether. Regardless of your field, we can work directly with you to develop a comprehensive audio insulation strategy and supply you with the products that meet your needs and objectives. If you’d like to explore partnering with us, request a quote from us today!