With diesel accounting for 72 percent of the energy used by the mining sector, it’s no surprise that miners are seeking the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective diesel-powered equipment. As developing economies continue to drive demand and contribute to record-high prices for precious metals and other natural resources, miners increasingly require diesel-powered equipment to work within the mine and beyond—from extraction through transportation, diesel-powered vehicles play a quintessential role.

The underground mining process comes with its own unique set of challenges, and working safely and efficiently with diesel-powered mining equipment is no exception. Miners must consider exposed exhaust and engine components, which can run extremely hot, as well as diesel particulate matter and high, ambient heat. In addition to the risks posed to workers, surrounding equipment can also suffer as a result of uncontrolled temperatures and exhaust.

Standard insulation blankets feature a fiberglass material underside, which can become a fire hazard if it encounters oil or an engine leak: a very dangerous situation within a mine. Additionally, standard insulation features a silicone impregnated fiberglass outer cover—in a mining environment, this type of insulation is prone to tears and rips.

To ensure a safe working environment in the mine, Firwin has developed a unique insulation blanket: MineWrap™. Featuring a stainless steel liner to seal off the insulation material and prevent oil from seeping in, MineWrap™ also offers a stainless steel foil exterior to reinforce its outer cover. The steel foil exterior is also covered with wire mesh. Both rugged and fire-resistant, MineWrap™ has been keeping miners safe across the industry. To learn more, please visit www.firwin.com today.

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