At Firwin, we insulate a lot of serious equipment. Economies across the globe rely heavily on the mining, trucking, and marine industries. All of these endeavors can be dangerous without the quality insulation that Firwin provides. However, insulation isn’t all about hard work, it can also be about having fun. 
Since the first person set eyes on Niagara Falls, it has been a natural wonder that people have traveled far and wide to experience. By the mid 18th century, tourism had become Niagara Falls leading industry and that remains the case two and a half centuries later. Since 1846, the best way to see the falls has been from the deck of the Maid of the Mist tour boat. While it started out as a simple steamboat ferry, today there are actually four large diesel powered Maid of the Mists in service. Firwin is proud to have helped insulate these historic boats. Our marine and steam line insulation dramatically reduces heat loss from engine exhausts, piping, silencers, and piping. Because there isn’t much elbow room in the engine room of a smaller water craft, it’s even more important to shield the crew from excesses heat all while maximizing the effectiveness of exhaust catalytic purifiers and filters. That is why the Maid of the Mist fleet relies on Firwin insulation to guarantee that every trip past Niagara Falls is a safe and enjoyable one.

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