We’ve talked a lot about selecting the right insulation combination for a given project, but effective insulation depends on much more than materials: it depends on consistent and proper maintenance. Here are six easy tips to help you ensure proper insulation blanket performance and longevity.

1. The fastening system is more than suitable to hold the blankets in place. Care must be taken not to use brute strength when installing blankets.
2. For the best service, blankets should be kept clean.
3. Any chemicals that will cause aluminum or silicone coatings to deteriorate should be removed and cleaned off.
4. Should the blanket or insulation mat become saturated with oil, its natural “non-combustible” characteristics will no longer be effective and the blanket should be replaced.
5. Like all engine parts, blankets should be regularly inspected.
6. Care must be taken not to cut or damage the outer protective cover fabrics with sharp instruments.

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