engine rooms
The narrow confines of the engine rooms need to be kept cool. 
Recently our colleague Brett took a trip to Wisconsin to work on a power generation application for offshore vessels. The challenge was this: make vessels seaworthy by getting them their DNV certification. To become certified, DNV (Det Norske Veritas) tests to make sure your maritime vessel meets up to its long list of exacting rules and standards. Once you have been classified as good risk, then you can be insured and begin operating.
In the case of our Wisconsin client,  Brett needed to come up with a solution to make sure that the high-temp engines that power these marine applications didn’t leak excessive heat into the engine room, thus creating a hazard for the crew and the equipment due to the narrow confines.
In order to do so, Brett used his expertise and Firwin’s innovative selection of insulation jackets, covers, and shielding to design a very specific application for our customer. We have learned from years of testing and study that heat loss from things like engine exhausts, piping, silencers, and steam piping systems can be dramatically reduced with insulation. After installing and testing the system, our clients were able to get their DNV certification and are now open for business. Brett and Firwin are proud of another job well done!

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