Firwin FAQ – How long do removable insulation last? A Case Study


One question we frequently get is “how do long do removable insulations blankets last ? “.
And the answer is …… it depends. Not to sound facetious, but there are a number of variables that can affect the life of an insulation blanket.
Here is a list of variables that would come into play when estimating the life of a removable insulation cover :
1. System temperature: How hot are the contents that the insulation blankets are covering ? If the exhaust temperature consistently reaches close to the upper temperature rating of the insulation, this could cause the blanket materials to deteriorate quicker.
2. Environment: The environmental conditions surrounding the insulation blankets can effect longevity. Particularly harsh conditions, i.e. outdoors, subject to extreme heat / cold, winds, water, etc.; or in areas of moisture, humidity, soot, etc. may have an effect on a the life of an insulation blanket.
3. Frequency of removal and re-installation: How often are the blankets removed and re-installed ? While our insulaton blankets are designed to be removed and re-installed (thus the name ‘removable insulation blankets’), nonetheless frequent handling of the blankets may reduce their lifespan.

4. Damage: This may be an obvious one, but should the insulation blankets become damaged by a fluid leak, puncture, etc., the lifespan of the blanket could be curtailed.

Blanket Longevity – Case Study:

Firwin was recently contacted by a customer to follow up on a job we did 9 years ago, with the customer requesting new additional blankets for their exhaust system. While there, one of our engineers snapped some photos of the original blankets that were installed back in April 2009. The blankets were for a turbo, flex elbow, and flange for a Cummins QSM 11 engine. As you can see from the photos below, not only are the blankets still running strong after 8 years, but it’s hard to tell the original and current photos apart!

QSM11 turbo flex elbow and flange - 8r years after installation - May 2017Blankets 8 years after original installation (May 17)
QSM 11 turbo, flex elbow and flange - original installation April 2009Original Blanket Photo – (April ’09)