Altering Your Removable Insulation Blankets – When to do it, How to do it – Part 2

As we discussed in our Spring 2016 edition of Insulation Insights, sInsulation Blanket – Rivets in new positionometimes a customer can find himself on site, ready to install his insulation blankets, only to find that there are support brackets or protrusions that are blocking the blanket from installing properly.

While normally these protrusions and brackets are taken into account during blanket design, there could arise a situation where, for instance, the existence of support brackets were omitted from the original specification.

While not ideal, in our last edition we outlined how one can go about and make cut-outs in the blanket on site. See our Spring 2016 Newsletter for more details.




On-Site Alterations – Adding Rivets

Firwin Insulation Blanket Rivet

Sometimes, however, the desired alteration is not making a cut in the blanket, but rather adding rivets. Rivets are used to fasten the blanket onto the part it is covering, typically by lacing stainless steel wire around the rivets. A situation may arise, where, for example, due to a discrepancy in a drawing, one finds that the reality in the field requires that the rivets be placed in a different location on the blankets. For example, let’s say that the spec called for lacing rivets to be placed along the length of the blanket only; but when it comes to install, the installer could also use some rivets along the blanket width to allow for it to be more securely fastened.

In these situations, Firwin can supply the installer with lacing hooks that can be installed on site. (Rivets require special equipment and dies in order to be installed, and so are not an option when in the field). These hooks function much the same way as our standard rivets, by lacing the stainless steel wire around the hooks (as opposed to looping them around our rivets).

Below is a step by step illustrated guide on how to install lacing hooks:

Lacing Hook Installation Guide

Removable Insulation Cover with hooks and lacing wire

Once installed, stainless steel lacing wire can be used to secure the blanket as desired.


As we discussed above, Firwin’s removable insulation blankets are custom-manufactured to fit a component, and that includes placing rivets in the ideal locations so as to provide for optimal fastening. However, unexpected surprises can occur, and there can be situations where a person finds himself onsite, with a blanket that cannot install properly because rivets are missing or out of place. Sometimes there is no alternative but to get a replacement blanket made up. However, in certain instances, there does exist a method where a customer can make the adjustments in the field himself. Our customer service team is of course available to assist.