It’s not always clear which type of insulation is best for your engine and exhaust components: with many different types of tapes, sleeves, and blankets available, finding what you’re looking for can be a headache. To be certain, each insulation variant has distinct advantages when used appropriately. With these benefits in mind, we’ve put together a few quick tips to make the selection process a little easier—so you can get the most from your insulation.

Tapes and sleeves are off-the-shelf, stocked items, and their flexibility makes them a good choice for many applications. In instances where you’re looking to insulate a variety of parts quickly, sleeves and tapes can work quite well. But when it comes to larger, thicker parts, it becomes less economical and more labor intensive. Wrapping tape around a large exhaust pipe, for example, would be difficult and time consuming. For these kinds of applications, insulation blankets are often the better choice. Because they can be manufactured in many different thicknesses and are easy to install, they work very well for engine and exhaust components. While tapes and sleeves are a great quick-fix, they don’t provide the same long-term coverage as insulation blankets.

Still not sure? Check out our useful chart for more pros and cons of tapes, sleeves, and blankets:

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