To match the continual expansion of the oil and gas sector in Alberta and Western Canada, we’ve opened a new Western Canada Sales office to better serve our clients. Each division of the oil and gas industry, from upstream and midstream upgrading facilities to downstream refineries and product development, comes with unique challenges and requirements for managing heat-related issues. Be it for protecting equipment from external environmental conditions, safe-guarding personnel from hot process piping, or providing heat retention to increase a plant’s energy efficiency, removable insulation blankets are an important component in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of a petrochemical facility.

Firwin removable insulation blankets are custom designed using the latest technology and quality materials. Removable thermal blankets are only effective when properly designed and fitted to the equipment they are meant to insulate: Our blankets are designed to wrap snugly around even the most complicated upstream equipment, including those with multiple penetrations for fittings and electric, steam, or glycol tracing.

Appropriate for many applications, Firwin removable insulation blankets are used to cover valves, flanges, instrumentation panels and sending units, level indicators, and other types of equipment. Visit us at today to learn more.

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