As a custom manufacturer of a variety of insulation products, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with individual insulation solutions. To help us reach a broader client base, we’ve enlisted three new U.S. distributors: The Edward D. Newell Company, Onsite Power Inc., and Renosa.

In business for 48 years, the Edward D. Newell Company is located in Bristol, Wisconsin. As a former Firwin customer since 2006, they recognized the value of adding a Firwin insulation product line: they now represent Firwin in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisonsin. For our clients looking for custom insulation blankets for power generation applications in this region, Edward D. Newell’s unparalleled expertise and customer service is sure to surpass our clients’ expectations. As a family-owned company, they strive to make each customer feel like their only customer: a value mirrored by our own commitment to quality and service.

Specializing in representing suppliers in the onsite power/distributed generation industries in the Rocky Mountains, Onsite Power Inc. distributes our products to clients in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, and New Mexico. With a dedication to independent sales representation, Onsite Power successfully navigates the energy products and services markets, and understands the challenges specific to the Rocky Mountain region. With their support, Firwin’s power and engine insulation products are now reaching a wide range of clients throughout the area.

A client of Firwin’s since 2007, Renosa Corp. is located in Dayton, Ohio. After experiencing first-hand the quality of our removable insulation blankets, Renosa decided they would be a natural addition to their product line. Now representing Firwin in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, Renosa’s commitment to representing superior manufacturers of quality products and delivering the best in customer service sets them apart from other power generation industry product distributors.

The Edward D. Newell Company’s contact is Mike Kime: / 262.857. 6871.

Onsite Power’s contact person is Dennis Roundtree: / 303. 690. 8486.

Renosa’s contact person is David Hammond: / 503. 864. 3952.

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