Heat is a perpetual byproduct of automotive and industrial applications. Without appropriate treatment, unchecked heat can create a dangerous work environment for personnel and nearby equipment.

Heat shields are specially engineered to reduce the effect of high temperatures in areas surrounding heat-generating equipment. Firwin’s heat shielding products are specifically designed to protect equipment and workers from high levels of heat in a variety of applications.

Heat Shield on Engine

What Is a Heat Shield?

A heat shield is any material that serves as an obstacle to prevent heat from entering the surrounding area. It can be a removable insulation blanket or shield that is composed of heat-resistant material, or a permanent hard, fire-resistant coating that helps to insulate surrounding components. Insulation blankets are often used for industrial applications that require a removable or changeable shield, while more permanent coatings are used on automobile components and exhaust systems for long-term heat protection.

Common Heat Shield Applications

Heat shields can effectively insulate equipment in a variety of applications The type of heat shield you use depends largely on the way the heat is being transmitted. There are three typical types of heat transference that can be treated using heat shields.

Conductive Heat

Conductive heat

Heat transmitted between objects through direct contact.

Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

Heat is generated from a solid source and radiates outward to indirectly affect objects in the surrounding area

Convective Heat

Convective Heat

Transmitted between solid objects and the movement of fluid or gas objects through direct contact.

To ensure you have the correct barrier for your application, it is important to consider the way the heat travels through and away from your equipment. The most common heat treatments are dissipators, reflectors, and insulators. Each method uses a different operating principle to mitigate heat loss, and they can be used in conjunction to produce results tailored to the needs of specific applications.

Firwin Foil ShieldHeat Dissipation

Heat dissipators consist of fabrics and materials that displace thermal energy, thereby reducing the amount of heat that passes through the shield and into the surrounding environment.

Heat Reflection

Reflective heat shields are the most commonly used heat mitigation method in industrial and mechanical applications. As the name implies, they act by reflecting heat from the surface of the material.

Heat Insulation

Insulating heat shields serve a dual purpose. They keep heat close to the source and prevent it from escaping into the surrounding area.

Firwin’s Insulation Solutions for Heat Shields

Firwin Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality custom insulation products for diesel engines, gas engines, exhaust systems, and industrial applications. We offer two comprehensive heat shielding product lines of removable insulation blankets and permanent Hard Coat™ composite insulation to meet the needs of an extensive range of heat-producing applications.

Whether you are looking for a shield to protect your workers and equipment from generated heat or to help your systems maintain ideal operating temperatures, Firwin has the heat shield you need.

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