We all know how annoying it is when the pipes under your bathroom sink spring a leak: ruined toiletries, soaked towels, and a big bill from the plumber.  Now imagine if you owned a piping system that didn’t carry water to the sink, but corrosive fluids under extremely high pressure. When these systems leak, you have to worry about more than just buying a new hairdryer.  
At Firwin, we provide our customers with custom manufactured chemical spray shields that offer innovative spray and leak containment from accidental gasket ruptures. Unlike our competitors, our LFP™ Chemical Spray Shields are made of a non-porous, all PTFE material that guarantees performance against harmful spray-out and leakage no matter the severity or duration of chemical exposure. Our LFP™ shields can handle temperatures from -100F° to 550°F. In addition, they can be used in almost any industrial setting, including pharmaceutical, gas and oil, offshore, marine, chemical processing, FDA approved, cryogenic, and clean room applications. Just in case that isn’t impressive enough, LFP™ also won the 1995 DuPont Plunket Award and Chemical processing’s Vaaler Award. 
 With all the benefits of our LFP™ Chemical Spray Shields, it should come as no shock that a multi-national gas company headquartered in the Middle East recently approached Firwin to help them complete a new processing plant.  The customer ordered almost 700 custom spray shields in a wide variety of sizes for use throughout their plant.  Over a period of six months, we worked hand in hand with them to make sure that every one of our spray shield fit and functioned perfectly. 
This success story is a perfect example of how Firwin is able to combine outstanding and innovative technology with old fashion, high quality customer service.  If you want to learn more about our LFP™ Chemical Spray Shield visit our website, or contact us today!

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