Firwin Corporation provides innovative insulation solutions that can contain the high heat generated by SCRs and catalysts. By properly insulating SCRs and catalysts, you protect workers from burns, maintain necessary temperatures, reduce noise, lower emissions levels, and ensure optimal equipment performance. Here, we will discuss the insulation solutions that Firwin offers as well as their various benefits.


Selective catalytic reduction systems (SCRs) are becoming more and more popular as companies attempt to reduce hazardous emissions due to both growing government regulation and public sentiment. SCRs can reduce emissions caused by gas and diesel engine systems, including nitrogen oxides. However, these systems produce heat and noise that can be dangerous in work environments and affect their overall performance. 

Insulation Solutions and Products for SCRs

At Firwin, we offer customized, close-fitted insulation blankets designed to help maintain exhaust temperatures, boost performance, lower ambient heat, and create safer working environments. They can be used on both indoor and outdoor systems because of their specialized silicone-impregnated fiberglass layer that resists damage caused by extreme temperatures and UV. 

How Insulation Helps SCRs

Insulation provides many benefits for SCRs and facilities that house them. Those benefits include:

  • Safety. Insulation creates a safe, touchable layer between extremely hot SCR unit surfaces and personnel, machinery, and materials in the area. While the insulation blanket can still be hot to the touch, it doesn’t conduct heat as quickly as metal surfaces; therefore, protecting workers from severe burns. Insulation blankets also lower the ambient temperature around the SCR to protect nearby machinery and materials from overheating. Because the insulation blankets are custom-fitted and easy to remove and replace, they don’t present a tripping hazard and can easily be adjusted in the event of an emergency.
  • Temperature Control. Insulation blankets can control the temperature inside and outside the insulated envelope to ensure optimal conditions. By properly insulating the SCR housing and the adjacent piping, insulation blankets maintain exhaust temperatures for improved performance.
  • Noise Control. Like most large units of machinery, SCRs can produce rattling, vibrations, and loud operational noises. This can damage the hearing of nearby employees, cause irritation and stress, and even lead to injury because workers can’t effectively communicate. Insulation blankets muffle these sounds to create a quieter, more manageable work environment.
  • Reduce Emissions. SCRs themselves are designed to reduce emissions and reduce the facility’s negative environmental impact. Insulation blankets allow units to run more efficiently, thereby optimizing performance and ensuring compliance with emission standards.


Catalysts, or catalytic converters, need to operate at optimal temperature levels to provide reliable, top-tier performance. Without proper insulation, these units consume much more energy to stay at the right service temperatures. Instead, facilities can opt to cover the body and fittings of their catalysts with custom-fit insulation blankets.

How Insulation Helps Catalysts

Our insulation blankets are made to fit the dimensions of each client’s catalytic converter so they snugly fit around the heated portions of the equipment. By containing heat flow, our insulation blankets bring catalysts up to their effective operating temperatures much faster, maintain the highest operating temperature possible, and protect workers against burns.

At Firwin, we design removable insulation blankets with fasteners that are easy to adjust, undo, remove, and retighten. This allows operators to quickly remove insulation for maintenance and repairs before easily putting the insulation back into place.

Some of the primary benefits of fitting catalysts with insulation blankets include:

  • Safety. Insulation layers protect your workers from burns, heat, and noise pollution.
  • Temperature Control. Insulation can stop heat from escaping the catalyst. This boosts performance and protects the surrounding area.
  • Noise Control. Insulation muffles vibration and noise.
  • Reduce Emissions. Because insulation helps systems retain heat, you reduce your energy consumption and resulting emissions.

Insulation for SCRs and Catalysts from Firwin

SCRs and catalysts require effective insulation solutions to maintain necessary temperatures, improve worker safety, control noise levels, and reduce emissions. At Firwin, we specialize in creating customized insulation blankets for a wide range of machines and industrial systems. To learn more about our insulation solutions for SCRs and catalysts, contact us or request a quote today.