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Insulation Blankets Improve On-Highway Vehicle Emissions and Safety

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Manufacturers of on-highway diesel trucks are seeking new ways to reduce their products’ emissions in response to growing consumer interest in green technology. Additionally, new EPA standards increasingly tighten the amount of nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and diesel particulate matter allowed to escape diesel engines. As a result, new engines have featured redesigned configurations, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, and modifications that accommodate alternative fuel sources.

For many of these emission-reducing exhaust systems to work, engines must be kept at temperatures of 800°F (425°C) or greater. Temperatures of this magnitude ensure that particles circulate fast enough within the engine for catalytic filters to efficiently sift them out.

One of the most effective ways to maintain high engine temperatures is through the use of insulation blankets. These blankets fit over the engine and prevent heat radiation from escaping, particularly via the exhaust path.

vehicle insulation

Maximize Highway Vehicles’ Insulation Blankets Performance

To help vehicles get the most out of their insulation blankets, engineers in the trucking field should keep in mind:

  1. Ensure that the SCR systems are properly insulated to enhance performance and burnoff. Without proper insulation, exhaust gases lose heat as they travel along various pipes and components of the engine and exhaust system.
  2. Separate the engine from heat-sensitive cables and components using insulation blankets. Although maintaining a high engine temperature will optimize particle filtration, the extreme heat may damage other components within the vehicle. Removable insulation blankets especially benefit engine retrofitting projects, where the new engine would otherwise expose surrounding components to damaging temperatures.
  3. Install insulation blankets over exhaust piping and catalytic filters. Doing so will ensure that the engine maintains high exhaust temperatures, which will optimize filter performance even in cold-weather environments.

Insulation blankets can be endlessly customized to fit each unique system in which they’re installed—size, shape, and other physical properties can be tailored to the conditions that blankets may face in their installed environments.

Top-Quality Insulation Materials from Firwin

As the effects of climate change become more pronounced, emission standards will only continue to tighten. Insulation blankets provide an efficient, cost-effective way to reduce the impact that diesel engines have on the environment.

Firwin is an ISO 9001–certified manufacturer of custom insulation solutions that can be attached to engines and exhaust components as either permanent or removable covers.

Please view our short video for a full overview of Firwin’s capabilities, and be sure to contact us today if you have any questions or would like to request a free quote for your next diesel engine manufacturing project.

Insulation & Underground Mining: How to Increase Mining Equipment Safety with the Right Insulation

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Underground mining operations may differ around the world, but they pose similar risks to worker health and safety. Different techniques are used to extract metals, gems, coal, and other materials, but the hazards are similar for most of these applications. According to the United States Department of Labor, Mining Health, and Safety Administration (MHSA), 70% of mining accidents in the U.S. involve using heavy machinery and other equipment at worksites.

Mining Safety Challenges and Worker Risks

According to the MHSA, the following are among the top causes contributing to accidents in 2012:

  • A lack of safety training
  • Poor hazard communication
  • Insufficient lockout/tagout precautions
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Improper machine guards
  • Hydraulic oil spills igniting on hot engine surfaces
  • Oil seeping into insulation covers, which poses a potential fire hazard
  • Operators burned in confined mine tunnels
  • Insulation failing to meet machine-guarding requirements

How Insulation Meets These Challenges

At Firwin, we offer insulation solutions that help to address the safety challenges posed by mining applications. These include:

  • Our MineWrap™ removable insulation blanket, which features an inner lining fabricated from stainless steel, prevents oil from being absorbed into the insulation. MineWrap’s™ exterior can be reinforced with a stainless steel mesh cover to make the blanket more resistant to punctures and the rugged underground mining environment.
  • Firwin’s Hard Coat™ composite insulation, a permanent insulation solution applied directly to the component that is being insulated. This is in contrast to MineWrap™, which is wrapped and fastened around the engine or exhaust components and can be removed and reinstalled.

Whether mining operations choose permanent or removable insulation solutions, insulation from Firwin ensures that the insulation material will be completely enclosed and shielded from exterior elements. This mitigates the dangers posed by equipment oil and fluid leaks that could otherwise seep into the insulation and pose fire hazards.

In addition, proper insulation reduces the ambient heat of diesel-powered equipment, and shields workers from burns. Using proper insulation also helps catalysts burn exhaust pollutants more effectively by maintaining the optimal high exhaust temperature as the exhaust travels along the piping.

Mining Vehicle - Minewrap Mark III and Firwin HC Insulation

Mining Vehicle – Minewrap Mark III and Firwin HC Insulation

Improved Mining Safety with Firwin

Underground mining operations inherently pose health and safety risks to the workers in the mine. Among the biggest causes of mining accidents are electrical wiring, machine-guarding, and oil seeping into insulation covers. Proper insulation is critical to safe operation, especially when used for machine-guarding.

Insulating exposed hot exhaust components is important in underground mines, but will only be effective if users select the correct insulation system. Failing to do so may add new safety concerns in the mine. Firwin’s MineWrap Removable Blankets and Hard Coat Composite Insulation are specifically designed to effectively insulate exhaust components used in mining operations in a way that addresses many of the safety hazards common among underground mining operations.

Firwin is a leading manufacturer of custom insulation products for exhaust systems, combustion engines, and an expansive range of other industrial purposes. Our main product lines include removable insulation blankets and permanent Hard Coat™ composite insulation. We are an experienced company that has been providing safe and effective insulation solutions to a wide range of industries since 1982.

In addition to providing high-quality insulation products, we are committed to offering superior customer service through product selection, sales, installation, and beyond. If you’d like more information on Firwin’s products for the mining industry, download our whitepaper. If you still have questions or would like to get more information about our services, feel free to contact us today.