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Insulation Insights Summer 2017

Going Mobile Friendly - What Firwin's Updated Website Means for You

Mobile Friendly

There is a lot of talk these days about 'mobile friendliness' - basically, having a website that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. We recently upgraded our website to 'mobile friendly' and added a few other improvements along the way.

"With the changes to Google's ranking algorithm, and more and more business people using hand-held devices at work, we realized that we needed to make the jump to a 'mobile friendly' website", said Sid Tannenbaum, Firwin's Marketing Manager who oversees the company's website.

What is 'Mobile Friendly' ?
A mobile friendly website, also known as a 'reponsive website' is one that adjusts the web page's layout according to the size of the display screen, making it easier to view and navigate the website when the screen size is smaller than that of a desktop.

If you've ever tried to view a desktop (non-mobile) website on a mobile device, you know how frustrating the experience can sometimes be - hard to read text, links that are difficult to click on, parts of pages that are hidden from view, etc.

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A mobile friendly site solves all those problems by using technology that allows a web page to adapt to the size of the display. "The first thing you will notice about our new website is that the web page you are viewing will expand and contract as the size of the viewing window gets larger or smaller," said Sid. "Secondly, once the viewing window gets too narrow to display the entire web page, the page format will change - for instance, the navigation bar will be compacted and hidden in an icon that resemeble 3 horizontal bars. Certain images may also disappear and be replaced by text", added Sid.

"For our customers, it makes for a friendlier user experience. We also used the opportunity to re-organize our product offering along custom and stocked items; added new photos; and placed a 'quick contact form' on every page to make it simpler for web visitors to contact us", noted Sid.


So grab your smartphone or tablet and check us out !

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