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Insulation Insights, Fall / Winter 2015 Insulation Insights Fall 2016

Clean Water & Removable Insulation Blankets - Part II

Removable Insulation Blankets on Rooftop Exhaust
Removable Insulation Blankets on Rooftop Exhaust

In our last issue of Insulation Insights, we featured Part I of how our removable insulation blankets are at work at a municipal water treatment agency, helping keep the sound down inside the purification area.

In part 2 of this series, we would like to focus on personnel protection, where Firwin's blankets are helping keep workers safe from the hot exhaust piping for the agency's back-up power systems.

Personnel Protection - Keeping the Rooftop Safe

Uninsulated Rooftop Exhaust Piping

As can be expected, water treatment facilities need extensive back-up power systems to keep running in the event of a power shortage. These back up power units in turn need exhaust, silencer, and scrubbing systems, which are often located on the facility's roof top.

Leaving these hot components exposed can make it dangerous for maintenance personnel, as well as for wild life. Furthermore, un-insulated exhaust components can give off sound and vibrations, which can be an issue especially should the facility be located near a residential area.

Because of these concerns, Firwin was approached by a water treatment agency to cover it's rooftop exhaust piping with removable blankets. This would provide the protection needed, while allowing for the insulation to be removed should the parts need servicing.

The Solution

Rooftop piping insulated with removable covers
Rooftop piping insulated with removable covers

Being an outdoor application with large exhaust parts, Firwin's design engineers recommended an heavy silicone outer cover, and Firwin's 2" inch thick MW1200 insulation. This would give the blankets the 'ruggedness' necessary to withstand the elements, and would provide sufficient temperature reduction to the 'touch safe' temperature range.

Rooftop Install Insulation Blanket Breakdown
Rooftop Install Insulation Blanket Breakdown

Because of the weight of the blankets and the location, the blankets were divided into a number of smaller sections, for ease of installation and removal.

Beginning with 1 location, our design and install team has done 5 separate locations to date for the agency's various treatment facilities. The blankets have performed as expected, and in a recent follow up visit 5 years after the blanket installation of 1 of the original sites, the blankets appear as good as new.

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